1PIE Hackathon ~ August 27 & 28th, 2016 at Rio Criativo

After three days of collaboration advancing Thriving Cities; Whole Health; Climate Economics; and Education for All, playmasters, coders, designers, video editors and policy experts will unite to move winning ideas towards implementable prototypes and public calls to action.

We are building:

  • TWO teams to develop winning POLICY PROPOSALS addressing local and national issues in Brazil, with scalable potential!
  • TWO teams to develop winning DIGITAL SOLUTIONS advancing social & ecological impact in Brazil, with scalable potential!
  • TWO teams to create crowdfunding videos for ON-THE-GROUND outcome winners, supporting regenerative solutions in Brazil!
  • ONE team to design the 1PIE COLLABORATION PORTAL interface as defined by needs of resilient communities in Zimbabwe and Nepal!

All seven of these projects will be presented at The Global Summit final meeting August 30th with Impact Investors, members of the Press, and Policy Influencers with an aim to promote follow up results!

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1PIE Hackathon space at Rio Criativo will be open throughout the Summit for hackers to join the main program livestream. The lounge is equipped with WiFi, workspace and snacks. With 1PIE Hackathon access, you do not need to purchase a ticket.  

What is 1PIE?  About the 1PIE.org Member Collaboration Portal

Using each Summit to identify needs and inform universal impact standards, we are developing an online community support system called 1PIE.org. Leveraging The Global Summit live engagement, with 1PIE.org ongoing collaboration and connectivity broad worldwide goals for environmental change and sustainable development are achievable and effective.

For example—nonprofits interested in clean water in Zimbabwe can join with environmental engineers in Germany specializing in water purification systems, while conferencing with technologists worldwide looking to expand their network, in addition to collaborating with foreign policy makers looking for traction, and journalists looking to bring exposure. Each meets their specific, individual goals within the broader context of creating a more sustainable society.

1PIE.org team at 1PIE Hackathon 2016

Our global impact community is ready for action!  In addition to 6 selected initiatives from THE GLOBAL SUMMIT V in Rio (listed above),  we are calling for one team to develop a globally scalable, locally appropriate interface/ UX for 1PIE.org.   If the design offered for 1PIE is used, your creations will be recognized publicly and you, individuals and all on the team, will be the first to be recruited for 1PIE.org development team.

How 1PIE works and how THE GLOBAL SUMMIT is a Catalyst for Asset Based Community Development:

Using 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) as a road-map, participants in The Global Summit will be the first to use the 1PIE.org tools linking locally-based initiatives with global partners. This interactive management system will help grassroots organizers define local needs, unique resources, set measurable goals and evaluate impact. Through 1PIE.org, local organizers and social innovators will be able to collaborate with global Partners in Empowerment sharing capacity and capital to turn local assets into sustainable solutions.