Who We Are

What's Unique ~

  • 100% Self-determination:  Empowering those most affected by critical issues to lead solutions
  • 100% Synergy:  Beyond donors and NGOs, it engages six diverse sectors and perspectives
  • 100% Impact: Educational tools & processes to support collaboration throughout the year

Who We Are

The Global Summit™ is facilitated by 501c(3) nonprofit, Empowerment WORKS and brought to life by a diverse eco-system of citizens, businesses and organizations, called Partners In Empowerment (PIE), united in action for a thriving world.

Autonomous, free from governmental, religious, political or any other singular agenda, The Global Summit provides a neutral platform for worldwide collaboration advancing integrative governance, philanthropic and economic solutions that honor all voices - and all life - from the ground up.

What We Do

Through our biennial event series and year-round, on-and-offline collaboration support system, The Global Summit unites social innovators of all different levels to interact in focus groups and think tanks, helping shape a new locally-led, global operating system for the 21st century and beyond.

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