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At the nexus of culture, science and social change, The Global Summit aims to break-down silos of industries  and accelerate the transfer of sustainable technologies and social innovation for scaleable impact.

Inspiring delegates into action, the Innovation showcase and exhibitors will have center stage in the the main Galleria.


  • Virtual Sustainable Technology Showcase
  • Vote for the greenest, cleanest and most appropriate technologies
  • Leading edge strategies in crowd funding 
  • Investment Forum and Selected Innovator Presentations 
  • Youth Hub – young world leaders’ dialogue space  


  • Catalyze economic development and climate change solutions
  • Show the greenest & most appropriate technologies to businesses, change-makers, and investors
  • Increase access to, and INNOVATION of, technologies that WORK



Media Series around innovation and investment in clean tech and sustainable business. 

Noble Profit is an educational media series serving as an authentic source for discovering innovation, trends and investment in clean tech, and sustainable business.  Education plays a vital role in the creation and adoption of new technologies. Noble Profit explores the questions of value versus resources, providing unique insight into today’s trends and values, featuring thought leaders, inventors, investors, sustainable business leaders and CEOs.
Three perspectives of clean tech and corporate sustainability are being presented by founder Amy Seidman at the Global Summit technology panel virtually. Kicking off her interviews is Wal Van Lierop, founder Vancouver investment firm Chrysalix and speaker on the Olympic Green, who brings us the wisdom of the three routes to serving humanity and accompanying prosperity. John Viera of Ford Motor Company who talks about how big business saves money by reducing waste stream by using old blue jeans to reduce noise pollution dispelling the myth that sustainability has to be expensive.
Ephigenie Banaynal dela Cruz, Director of Sustainability at SAP and Jennifer Scholze, Senior Director, Sustainability Solutions Product Safety and Stewardship speak about how information technology can reduce risk and increase productivity enabling efficiency and therefore sustainability.
Followed by Ryan Wartena of Growing Energy Labs (Geli) who points out the rising renaissance in energy invention, also informing about the wonders of extracting hydrogen as a fuel from water. Wrapping up our Noble Profit moment with Ephigene as a mother speaking about the importance of educating our future generations.
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The Incredible Places™ mission is to create new ways of experiencing the world’s natural and cultural resources in the form of traditional and multimedia explorations. Through these digital media experiences, we seek to inspire and educate others about nature and culture.
At the Global Summit in London, enjoy the beauty of nature featured in music videos by multidisciplinary artist Amy Seidman. Violin by London’s very own Royal Academy trained violinist Malcom Watson is married with Amy Seidman’s photography in “A State of Water”. Amy’s dialogue with water ran full force during her scientific visualization fellowship with the Sierra Nevada Research Institute in Yosemite in 2011 reflecting one of the world’s most critical issues of our times – access to fresh drinking water.
Other videos include “Space” featuring animations made from images captured by the Hubble Telescope set to music by Australian composer Vincent Kwok, “House of the Sun” with two decade’s of Amy’s photography in Haleakala National Park in Maui set to music by Shastro, as well as Animalia which Amy Seidman co-created with Stan Minasian of Earth Views Productions featuring the music by Shaman’s Dream.
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Multidisciplinary artist, Amy Seidman, is the principal of Creative Entity and creator of Incredible Places brand and digital media content. Amy’s background is unique and includes being an internationally published photographer, filmmaker, multimedia artist and musician.
As a commercial artist, she has created transmedia for entertainment studios, corporate clients and major publishers including Fox, MGM, Universal, Lotus, PacBell, and ValueClick Media among others. As a photographer prior to digital media, Amy Seidman has been published  in Natural History Magazine, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Time, People, The World & I, Runners World, has been featured in Outdoor Photographer, as well as exhibitions, books and online.

She created the music videos currently playing at The Global Summit presented by Incredible Places, the media organization around her nature and culture work, that were broadcast on the Harmony Channel/Comcast VOD.

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