The Global Summit 2008

Greater than the Sum of Our Parts, the foundation and a major outcome of The Global Summit is an ecologically inspired social and economic network of citizens, businesses and organizations united for a sustainable world.Members of this network are called Partners in Empowerment (PIE).When a diverse group of PIE get together, we call it 1PIE.Through Partners In Empowerment (PIE) enabled collaboration and connectivity, broad worldwide goals for environmental change and sustainable development are achievable and effective. For example—nonprofits interested in clean water in Zimbabwe can join with environmental engineers in Germany specializing in water purification systems, while conferencing with technologists worldwide looking to expand their network, in addition to collaborating with foreign policy makers looking for traction, and journalists looking to bring exposure.

Each meets their specific, individual goals within the broader context of creating a more sustainable society.

The following social and economic sectors are the foundation of this growing network:

Public Benefit Organizations – Who: Community based and international nonprofits, Foundations, Govt. Service Agencies dedicated to Social, Economic, and Environmental impact.

Educational Institutions – Who: Private, Govt. & Nonprofit educators, researchers, scientists advancing evidence based knowledge, technologies and tools for a sustainable world.

Sustainable Businesses – Who: Aspiring and established private sector entrepreneurs, fund managers, investors & advocacy groups harnessing market forces to build a sustainable world.

Responsible Media Groups – Who: Print, Radio, Web, Events, Communications Agencies and journalists who uphold truth in journalism & conscious messaging to support an informed public.

Social Entrepreneurs – Who: Citizen, non-profit & governmental visionaries & innovators who create solutions dedicated to SOCIAL PROFIT i.e. benefiting people & the planet as top priority.

Artists in Action – Who: Musicians, visual and performing artists, actors, and celebrities. “Whether through visual art, music or poetry, Artists speak with integrity and the world listens” Portal (in Beta!) Critical Mass Collaboration System

Advancing Global Collaboration to Catalyze Local Solutions

1PIE is a Public-Private Partnership initiative leveraging existing collaboration software and project development education to put the tools to get the job done in the hands of those who need them most. The power of 1PIE to catalyze local action comes through harnessing the diversity of 6 Partners in Empowerment (PIE) sectors to source the vast array of skills, services and other resources that grass-roots communities need: locally appropriate technologies, market access, critical information, etc.

A Catalyst for Asset-Based Community Development

HOW THE GLOBAL SUMMIT IGNITES IT: Using 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) as a road-map, participants in The Global Summit “Millennium Solution Councils” will be the first to use the tools linking locally-based initiatives with the most relevant and supportive global partners. This interactive management system will help grass-roots organizers define local needs, unique resources, set measurable goals and evaluate impact.

Through local organizers and social innovators will be able to collaborate with global Partners in Empowerment sharing capacity and capital to turn local assets into sustainable solutions.

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