Letter from the Convener

September 18, 2014

Dear co-creator of a better world:

Today’s popular media is high on crisis and low on solutions.

It’s clear that the old paradigm for social and economic systems is collapsing, yet with this collapse we have one of the greatest opportunities to lend our voices to a tangible solution.

The answer to all that corporations, organizations and governments are facing is that the stronger the network of collaboration, the greater the opportunity for us to co-create not just a stable economy, but a peaceful and bio-diverse world.

This provides a perfect opportunity for your leadership to flourish.

What if there were a global, open, collaborative forum bringing together leading edge tools in crafting a new paradigm of sustainable development across all sectors of the economy?  What if all of your talents, your passion and your multiple years of training could have concrete influence on the direction of this new system?

The Global Summit™ is the catalyst for an emergent partnership of citizens, businesses and organizations working together around the world and around the year to achieve a thriving future.

Since its ground-breaking launch in 2008, The Global Summit continues to be a magnet for regenerative pioneers across business, media, arts, education, social investment & impact arenas.

While gearing up for our second Olympic Summit 2016 in Rio to catalyze collaboration at a global scale, our 2014 biennial back in San Francisco promises to be small & beautiful.

We’ll take an evening and a couple days together to co-compress, clarify, and commit to something as huge–yet as intimate–as anything on Earth could be.

Through the lens of WOMEN, MONEY, POWER & POLITICS, we’ll discover how we can unleash the potential of humanity to co-create a thriving world.

For our male gendered community, you may be asking, is this Summit all about, or for, women?

It’s about all of us. And, it’s time to make something implicit, explicit.

As we recognize the need to transform our global culture as an imperative in realizing sustainability (on any level), so is the need for enlightened partnership and synergistic collaboration between – and within – our genders – as the integral foundation–inherent to the health and sustainability of every home, village and corporation.

Is gender equity THE opportunity of our time?  How are empowered women impacting society – from local housing to bio-diversity conservation to Peace in the Middle East?

How could more women be empowered, and how would that change our world?

Where are the greatest leverage points for change?  What is the vital role of Men?  What can we create together?

Your voice matters!  

In recognition of your leadership as a force for positive change – and contributions to our world, it’s my pleasure to extend this invitation to you, to have your voice heard as one of 200 extraordinary cross-sector leaders in this year’s invite only Summit.

Through your participation, you will gain:

  • valuable tools to advance your mission, deepen partnerships and collaborations
  • clarify long-term goals and plans within a broadened scale and context
  • the opportunity to advance a new operating system in support of a healthier, culturally rich and ecologically thriving future.

If you have not received a letter of invitation, don’t miss this opportunity to co-create. Submit your application today!

In Gratitude and Collaboration,





Melanie St.James, MPA

Convener, The Global Summit™

Visionary Catalyst, Empowerment WORKS

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