To all agents of positive change:

The Olympic torch is out, and we are ready to play harder for a thriving future!

As the purpose of The Global Summit is to mobilize local solutions to humanity's most pressing challenges, we've created a virtual program & toolkits for just that!

Here are three steps to co-create local solutions and join COOPETITION 2016 for a chance to win a trip to THE GLOBAL SUMMIT #6 in San Francisco of 2018:

1) Be inspired by The Global Summit V videos at [YouTube/TheGlobalSummitTV]

2) Get your Local Solutions Toolkits [HERE] and follow the steps to co-create your plan

3) Enter local solutions in COOPETITION [HERE] through Sept 26, 2016.  Game on! 


By sourcing what works locally, and sharing it world-wide, local partner events are a mechanism to exchange solutions, ideas and appropriate technologies within and between participating communities.

In 2016 we build on our efforts to advance local solutions on UN global targets which began with the lead up to our first Olympic biennial, London 2012.
Our first African Local Summit of 2012 united local best practices across Africa around the Millennium Development Goals and gathered citizen input into the issues that mattered most to their communities via mobile voting.

What's Calling YOU to Action?

Learn about the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the [UN website].