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Psyberpixie is Artist In Action Ambassador

Psyberpixie is Artist In Action Ambassador

Bringing the best we have to co-create a better world for all is exactly what the World’s leading Female VJ, Psyberpixie (a.k.a. Marina Rao) is up to.  First joining as part of the Sober Nightlife DJ & VJ Dance Party, now in serving as The Global Summit 2012 Visual Director, Marina bring awe inspiring visuals to myriad screens across the London Pleasure Gardens August 15-17.

The Global Summit facilitating organization, Empowerment WORKS has a long history of collaborating artists from all mediums to inspire change, since teaming up with sculptors in Zimbabwe to stop the spread of AIDS in 2002, and is pleased to recognize Psyberpixie as its latest Artist In Action Ambassador in honor of her major supporting role in its 3rd biennial Summit.

In addition to her support of The Global Summit, a constant part of Sober Nightlife and having requested a cross-cultural home stay during her time in London, conscious entertainment is central to this Argentina born, international visual artist. A self-taught Miami-based VJ, Pixie has blazed new trails.  Not only does she perform with the big guys (including Tïesto, James Holden and Infected Mushroom) but she has also established herself in video, creating and editing DVD content.

Marina Rao, aka Psyberpixie, strives to create a medium that emphasizes live visual shows. Currently, she is producing DVD visual mixes with artists such as Electric Skychurch, TARUNA and Larry McCormick, aka EXZAKT.At a time when music careers explode like fireworks then fizzle out just as fast, the professional life of Psyberpixie truly stands out. She has been performing and remixing video for almost ten years. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in the notorious neighborhoods of Miami, Psyberpixie cut her teeth performing stateside and internationally to steadily become a talented VJ artist. Psyberpixie creates visuals that can be storytelling; other times eye candy. “The visuals are there to enhance the mood of the environment,” she distinguishes.

Mobilizing VJ culture wherever she can, she pushes the visual aspect at events by asking promoters to provide stage placement such as risers and DJ stands to play on.“Clubs are beginning to see the need to give [patrons] a more intense experience,” she elaborates. “Collaboration and communication are essential precepts in the creation of a sound music, visual and artist presentation.” She has an intriguing list of gigs under her belt. The Miami resident has appeared at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Earthdance and Bang Fest. Her videos can be viewed online—currently as part of a weekly residency—at web-broadcasting powerhouse www.thewomb.com. Her shows consist of fast moving mixes of colorful videos with highly creative effects—perfectly suitable to accompany hardcore, electronic music.

More: www.psyberpixie.com

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The world’s first and only online venue forum and event company networking together the sober community, Sober Nightlife is using the latest in Healing & Sound Technologies to bring the most interactive dance experiance to the dance floor. By using EEsytems which produce a atmospheric stimulation and Energy enhanced sounds & visuals at each party, everyone leaves having an experience of their own!

More:  www.sobernightlife.net

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