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In the midst of some of the most challenging problems facing humanity today - climate change, access to clean water, food security, global poverty, human rights, social justice...t
he good news is that the solutions are here as well!

Evolutionary transformation is afoot. It is beginning to feel palpable, this great change that we are all part of.

Now is the time to come together, to share and learn the vital tools and practices that will sustain our species for generations in harmony with our planet and with one another.

With a mission to galvanize our broader movement around The Global Summit V - August 23-28, 2016 in Brazil, we're offering a free, on-going, monthly webcast featuring Solutionary Conversations with Leaders in the Movement, Transformational Technologies, & Vital Tools for Creating a Thriving World.


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 2015 Pilot Episode:

Transforming the Water Crisis

Featuring renowned water solutionaries Warren Brush & Gemma Bulos, hosted by
 Jay Markert & Melanie St. James.

TUESDAY, Sept 29 2015

2015 has been full of reminders about how climate change is affecting us around the planet on both a local and global scale - from fires to floods to droughts - and the urgent need to implement solutions and build resilient communities from the ground up.

H20 Facts:

While over 70% of our Earth's surface is covered by water, only 2.5% is freshwater, and only ~1% of which is accessible for direct human uses.

  • Globally 1.5 billion people lack safe drinking water, resulting in the death of 10,000 children a day
  • 50% of the people in Africa suffer from h20-related diseases like cholera and infant diarrhea
  • 1 in 3 Asians have no access to safe drinking water. 1 in 2 have no access to sanitation.
  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimate that 70% of the fish/riparian habitat nationwide has been lost or altered.
  • 80% of China’s rivers no longer support fish.
  • 80% of Water in California is dedicated to unsustainable agriculture practices
  • U.S. drinking water contains more than 2,100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer.

Don't miss this dynamic solution-based conversation featuring two world renowned water and sustainable community development leaders - Gemma Bulos and Warren Brush, to learn practical solutions of how we can transform our Water Management Practices from our Bioregions to Backyards to promote clean and safe water for communities around the world.

Featured Guests

Gemma Bulos - Founder of Global Women's Water Initiative, Top 10 Water Solutions Trailblazers in the world (

Water champion, musician and multi award-winning social entrepreneur, Gemma’s work has provided over 200,000 people with clean water in Asia and Africa through training women to be water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) technicians and entrepreneurs. Winner of the Tech Equality Award and Warriors of the UN Millennium Goals, she’s been recognized as one of the Most Influential Thought Leaders and Innovative Filipinas in the US and the Top 10 Water Solutions Trailblazers in the world by Reuters More at and

Warren Brush - Applied Ecologist, Permaculture Designer, Storyteller,  and Cultural Engineer

“The human heart and the heart of the land must be in a parallel path of healing for the future generations to flourish.”

Warren is a storyteller, mentor and a devoted “farmer of culture” who works to inspire people worldwide to discover, nurture, and express their inherent gifts to create a regenerative future.  He is co-founder of Quail Springs Permaculture, the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya, Casitas Valley Farm and Creamery, True Nature Design, and Sustainable Vocations.


7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Online Training (Coming Soon!)

7SS 2015

7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)" is a collaboration road map, Asset Based Community-Development (ABCD) framework, philosophy of self-determination and a design process empowering people, businesses and organizations to turn local assets into holistic solutions from the ground up. Modeling the way nature creates, the 7SS pattern is universal and used world-wide to catalyze innovation in business, technology, music and even movies. 7SS is an excellent tool to transform poverty into prosperity in the world's most economically challenged communities. 7SS is also a proven catalyst for business, technological and social innovation.

To dive in deeper, stay tuned for 7 Stages to Sustainability On-Line Training. 


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