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The Global Summit delegates are Partners in Empowerment playing for whole system transformation across all sectors, and co-create solutions hands-on.

Meet a few of our 2014 Featured Delegates

Joyasree Mahanti:
Joyasree Mahanti:Innovator, Nano Finance
Beginning in her home state of Odisha, India, Joyasree transitioned from her career as a Computer Programmer Analyst to help people living on less than $1 USD per day access to zero interest loans (versus interest rates of 120% or higher by money lenders). Joyasree started Aamara Biswas (Our Trust) in 2007 to implement the Nano Finance (NF) which has now helped nearly 8,000 women and their families escape the cycle of poverty, and helped them to build financial security for themselves and their families.
Huan Ho:
Huan Ho:Co-founder at Rallyteam
“I envision a world where there are no crappy jobs and everybody is working on something they love. …Cliche as it sounds, I want to look back at my life one day and say that ‘I made a dent in this universe’. Leveraging my technical skills and entrepreneurial drive to help move society forward, I’m interested in open innovation and collaboration as well as workforce optimization.”
Jennifer Crooks:
Jennifer Crooks:Grand Prix Horse Jumper & Mother of 10
Proud mother of ten children (eight adopted from China and Ethiopia), Jennifer is an internationally recognized Equestrian Grand Prix Show Jumping Rider (for Ireland). Through all her successes, the international adoption and orphanage arena is the dream she is pursuing in starting Uryadi’s Village. In preparation, Jennifer recently completed a Permaculture Design Course for International Development with Warren Brush at Quail Springs.

Tbird Tall Flame Luv:
Tbird Tall Flame Luv:Co-MC & Artist In Action
Tbird Luv’s MUSE-i-cal geniusTHOUGHT PROVOKING and HEART OPENING messages of RADICAL audacious CREATIVE expression, combined with a BEDAZZLING FLUTE SOLO, push audiences onto their creative edge to ACTUALIZE more of their GREATNESS. Tbird is a master musician, Cal Arts grad, and on the Board of advisers of the Center for Integral Wisdom.
Bill Shireman:
Bill Shireman:CEO of Future500 - master of environmental entrepreneurism
Called a “master of environmental entrepreneurism,” Bill Shireman has over 20 years of experience aligninging the interests of major corporations and their stakeholders. As President and CEO of the Future 500, he helps the world’s largest companies and most impassioned activists – from Coca-Cola, Nike and Mitsubishi, to Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, and the Sierra Club – work together to drive pollution down and profits up.
Bonita Banducci:
Bonita Banducci:Silicon Valley Woman of Influence 2014
Creator of Gender Competence®, a new framework for understanding gender differences as competencies and a Founder of Global Women’s Leadership Network, Banducci represented the Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women at the UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.
Maria Sirriya:
Maria Sirriya:Creator, Hip Hop Yoga, Power Chakra Flow™
Maria is a yoga teacher, executive coach, the force of Hip Hop Tantra Yoga™, and creator of the first live-streaming online Tantra Yoga class for Women, Feminine Power Chakra Flow™. Before Maria discovered yoga, she was working in the corporate world, overweight and over stressed. After years devoted to learning the spiritual arts with respected teachers, she now travels the Globe teaching the techniques she learned in India and Bali.
Jonathan Talat Phillips:
Jonathan Talat Phillips:Writer, media activist, and explorer of consciousness
“Talat’s memoir “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic” has become one of the must-read books of the transformational culture movement.  He co-heads Psychonaut Productions and is building Space Camp: The World’s First Center of Psychonautics. Co-founder The Evolver Network, director of Talat Healing, and blogs for “The Huffington Post”.
Samantha Sweetwater:
Samantha Sweetwater:Embodied Facilitator, Writer, Coach, Ceremonialist
Samantha Sweetwater‘s expertise and facilitative toolkit bridge embodiment, earth wisdom, whole-systems design and soul empowerment in support of a thriving future for all of life. Samantha is the founder of Dancing Freedom, The Peacebody School, Japan and We Are Evolution (coming soon).  Anchoring her life in the eco-centric rhythms of seeds, soil, & seasons, she lives & works at Seven Seeds Farm in Oregon & on the core team of the Rogue Valley Bioregional Summit.

Melanie Bielefeld:
Melanie Bielefeld:Principal at Connecting for Global Good
Melanie is a global advocate for women’s and children’s health and wellness. She has raised over $35 million in grants and developed strategic partnerships with academia, corporations, global nonprofits and public entities to expand access to quality healthcare. Melanie is a co-founder of E4 Ratings, a online food rating system, and Tunaweza Fund, a project of OneWorld Children’s Fund, that supports disability rights in rural Tanzania. Melanie earned a Fulbright fellowship at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania.
Yacine Badian Kouyate, PhD:
Yacine Badian Kouyate, PhD:
From Mali, West Africa, Yacine was born into the sacred lineage of the Bambara Jali, the genealogists and epic poets of society. A prolific musician, Yacine writes sings and plays a myriad of instruments. As a teacher, Dr. Kouyaté has lectured and led workshops nationwide on the musical and spiritual traditions. As a scientist, Yacine has taught classes on recombinant DNA at UC Davis, and been part of a California biotech advancing rapid low cost HIV diagnostics.
Dr. Aumatma Binal Shah:
Dr. Aumatma Binal Shah:Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Guru
Dr. Aumatma is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, trained at the University of Bridgeport, College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is passionate in helping women with pre-conception health and natural fertility optimization. She sees a broad spectrum of women’s health conditions in her practice, using an array of holistic tools to empower women to live their best lives. In her spare time, Dr. Aum likes to dance, listen to music, and start other health-related entrepreneurial ventures.

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