Vocal Tai Chi

Jenni Roditi – Composer-vocalist  / Creator, Vocal Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of freestyle singing that is rooted in principles and basic practice of Tai Chi and has been uniquely developed by composer-vocalist Jenni Roditi.

When people listen to Jenni sing they often hear voices from around the world in her voice -Indian, African, Persian, Indonesian, Aboriginal, Mongolian, Spanish, Egyptian, Celtic,  … and more.

As well as recognising this they also find that the music seems to be fresh and new because it is all being created in the moment.

The voices that Jenni can produce in her singing are beginning to come together to create a new voice, possibly a global voice – inspired by the world of vocal music and vocal sound on Planet Earth.

Background: Jenni Roditi (GGSM, VMTR, MMus)  is a Guildhall School of Music trained composer and pianist and Master of Music, Brunel University. She is on the executive committee at the British Academy of Composers and Songwriters.

She slowly matured her Vocal Tai Chi singing style over thirty years with research and creative activity around contemporary, indigenous and therapeutic voice work singing techniques.

These resources have come together naturally into what is now known as Vocal Tai Chi, founded in January 2012.  Jenni has composed vocal music all her life, notably two operas, and has learnt Tai Chi and Tibetan meditation.

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