Whole System Co-Creation

Millennium Development GoalsIn the field of collaboration, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of frameworks, methods and impact tools.

To facilitate coordination across geographic, cultural and political boundaries, we offer two frameworks that integrate business, community and technology development: 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)and Partners in Empowerment (PIE).

Through identifying the ”who, how & what” frameworks within this growing web, understanding the primary functions of each, and how they work with others in a whole-system, we foster coherence and transparency.

  • WHAT: Goals, issues, actions & impact needed for a thriving world

Mirroring the inherently repeatable and scalable (aka Meta) patterns found in nature, 7SS & PIE are complete systems on their own and also reflect the larger system which they are part of.

Thereby, 7SS is a process itself, and also serves to aggregate the many more “WHO & HOW” parts (the diverse players and relevant methods used). Being universal to any city, village or region, it allows for the variable of “WHAT” (needs, issues & solutions) to be identified by those decisions most affect.

One global example of “WHAT” is the 8 Millennium Development Goals which 189 members of the United Nations agreed to achieve, and emphasizes measurable targets including halving poverty, increasing gender equity, and ensuring universal primary education by 2015. See the chart above/right.

Another list of needs & issues is the Wheel of Co-Creation (below/right),  pioneered by renowned Social Architect & Futurist, Barbara Marx-Hubbard with the purpose of identifying WHAT works.WheelOfCoCreation

NOTE: While recommended as a way to categorize and thus more effectively share solutions, there are many options. When combining the WHAT with WHO & HOW (6 Sectors and 7 Stages), we create a SCALE-ABLE system honoring the gifts of all partners.

Whole System Impact

Working in synergy with other tools, 7SS and PIE work to co-create a collaborative space that recognizes key functions, human needs and resources of humankind and the planet.

Through advancing such a universal whole system, Empowerment WORKS aims to facilitate collaboration and sharing of solutions across the environmental sustainability, international economic development, social change, and human potential movements.

Below: 7SS projects supported by global Partners In Empowerment (PIE). See it in Action through 1PIE.org



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