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Lightning in a Box! Partner Spotlight: “Red Lightning” brings Solar to Standing Rock

This past Thanksgiving, Empowerment WORKS' Founder joined the Red Lightning team in the ongoing protection of indigenous lands from the North Dakota Access Pipeline. While there she was blessed to capture a few extraordinary interviews for a special Pulse of the Movement webcast episode Voices from Standing Rock, recommended for a first hand feel of the [...]

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Telltale from Zimbabwe

Reflections on the Road in Zimbabwe on the way to Nepal... By Melanie St.James, edited by Melody Joy The Looming Inequality Arrived in South Africa in time for a marvelous New Year's Eve dinner with mentor Scholastica Kimaryo (left) and Ms. Thoko Majokweni, new collaborator, friend, and Advocate. It’s my [...]

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Exploring Human Security with Stephanie Chenault

Guest writer Stephanie Chenault has been a frequent contributor to several Syrian Refugee Councils and routinely participates in DC-based political and religious think tank meetings and discussions on security, persecution, and global terrorism.   She joined Empowerment WORKS (EW) Board of Directors this fall.  One of her main areas of [...]

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Lessons from Rio & The Global Summit V Report

YES, we did it!  And it was amazing. Report links are below, but first, a few Lessons: Against conventional wisdom, 9 months before the Summit date - prime time to secure supporting partners, featured voices, and a venue - I went offline for two months in Peru, lived in a tent and [...]

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The Global Summit V Follow Up Report

Can we create a more selfless world? Yes! Partake in this idea! Rio de Janeiro hosts Global Innovation Forum by Maíra Teixeira da Silva After the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro hosted an international event intended to move people to build a new age of [...]

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UNDP Rio+ Center & Rio Young Journalists have last word in The Global Summit 5th biennial social innovation & sustainability forum

MEDIA ALERT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WHAT: POST SUMMIT PRESS CONFERENCE & OUTCOMES PRESENTATIONS WHO: Invited press/ journalists, Impact investors, Philanthropists, Hackathon leaders, 8 young journalists working with UNDP WHAT: Outcomes from 3 day social innovation forum and follow up 1PIE Hackathon WHEN: Tuesday the 30th of August from 3-4:30PM WHERE: Museu [...]

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UNDP Rio+ Center & Rio Young Journalists have last word in The Global Summit 5th biennial social innovation & sustainability forum events

MEDIA ALERT : FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday August 22, 2016 Contacts: Daniela Maria Guzman Pena UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development | Rio+ Center Young Journalists Program Coordinator dmg2180@columbia.edu Phone: 55 (21)9 8334 0541 Melanie St.James, Producer, Phone: +55 (21) 969363915 Press RSVP w/ credentials to: press@theglobalsummit.org Impact Investors request [...]

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O 5º The Global Summit bienal se reúne logo em seguida aos jogos olímpicos do Rio

COMUNICADO À IMPRENSA - :: 13 AGO, 2016     Melanie St. James, Produtora Executiva, The Global Summit EMAIL: msj@theglobalsummit.org Telefone: + 55 (21) 9-6936-3915 www.theglobalsummit.org   MANCHETES: O 5º The Global Summit, evento bienal, se reúne logo após aos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio   Em agosto, ao apagar da pira olímpica [...]

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The Global Summit 5th biennial convenes on the heels of the Olympics in Rio

PRESS RELEASE :: July 15, 2016 Melanie St. James, Executive Producer EMAIL: msj@theglobalsummit.org Phone: + 55 (21) 9-6936-3915 www.theglobalsummit.org   This August as the Olympic torch dims, The Global Summit will light up it next transformational conversation on the front lines of social change.   After years of Rio's local issues being [...]

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