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We are looking for Sustainable Results. How do we know we have them?

In delivering the 7 Stages paradigm and training (within and beyond events), Local Communities are socially empowered and economically integrated in the global community. Dependence on foreign partners is reduced & social benefits increase. 7SS (tools and an enhanced partner coordination organizing system) benefits non-profits in reducing duplication through locally-led collaboration strategies. Emphasizing in-kind resources and use of what stakeholders have, it is not dependent on funding to create solutions.

See 2016 in Rio Reports and stay tuned for outcomes presented live & online at #Amman2018!

In summary, as of July 2018, 5 biennial Global Summits and a full scale Local Summit have united and built the capacity of 1,200 + cross sector impact leaders across 4 continents (North America, Europe, Africa, South America), sharing best-practices, advancing scalable solutions to the most pressing issues of our time – from climate change to gender equity.

  • Direct deliverables:

    • Over 1200 delegates and volunteers learned tangible community development skills and advanced sustainability goals
    • Social innovation contest provided mentorship and evaluation tools for over 100 projects worldwide
    • Scholarships to over 150 youth leaders impacting employment, energy, climate and other challenges
    • 64 novel solutions published impacting food, energy, health, housing, education, and H20
  • On-going outcomes (and ripples):

    • Community Health information platform advancing policy change and holistic education across Brasil
    • Citywide urban permaculture network forged in Rio de Janeiro with Catalytic Communities & other orgs
    • ‘Pulse of the Movement’ media collective and webcasts series spreads year-round solutions
    • African Local Summit’ in Ghana, April 2012 – 100 leaders exchanged local solutions for Millennium Development Goals
    • Spin-off event, Green Economy Think-Tank fosters hundreds of green jobs in across USA

Next Level Action | Impact 365

The summit itself is learning organization working to crack its own collaboration catalyst challenge. Rolling out a 6th prototype, 2018’s second and far more ambitious 2 day Hackathon culminates in a live streamed Global Pitch pitch event, leveraged to spread the tools, inspiration, and follow up support to the communities who need them most.

To share outcomes across networks beyond the summit, we’re teaming up with Sphaera.World starting with the Summit’s own Sustainable Development Goal Toolkits with input from local and global collaborators in UNDP,, and more.

Learn more at G(O)LOCAL  to see the follow up plan designed to both deliver, and measure quantifiable results.

In addition to evaluating the experience of diverse participants across the summit, as well as peer selected Champion outcomes, we internally measure results in advancing 3 mutually-supportive objectives in our whole system approach to a sustainable world.