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The Global Summit V Follow Up Report

The Global Summit V Follow Up Report

Can we create a more selfless world? Yes! Partake in this idea!

Rio de Janeiro hosts Global Innovation Forum
by Maíra Teixeira da Silva

After the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro hosted an

international event intended to move people to build a new age of sustainable and socially

impactful businesses.

The Global Summit – V Fórum de Inovação Social was a gathering of

people that see co-creation as the best way to achieve harmony between living beings and the

environment. We must find an alternative to the modern production methods that drains bodies

and annihilates minds. It’s not a utopia, it is the coordination of a series of real actions that aim

to generate abundancy and optimize shared resources. The main objective of this meeting,

which reaches its fifth global edition this year, is the public welfare within the many cities,

countries and territories and their diverse forms and cultures.

Taking place between the 24th and 30th of August, the event was split in two parts. Debate

groups on more pressing issues like Learning Groups, The Right to Housing, Transparency

Within the Media, Social Entrepreneurship, Holistic Health and Non-violent Communication

Methods were held in the morning. In the afternoon, the attendees were divided in four groups

of their choosing: Prosperous Cities, Integral Health, Education for Everyone and Climate

Economy. Members of each group could join each other in co-creation activities by using many

social tools while being helped by facilitators and being inspired by previous cases of people

that managed to develop socially impactful businesses. The resulting projects that surfaced

from this series of brainstorming gatherings were presented on the last 30th of August and will

be developed throughout the following months and years with the intention of collectively build a

more just, pleasant and caring society to everyone.

Get to know Rio de Janeiros’s prototypes:

With an average of 100 participants from all around the world spread over the facilities of the

Museu de Ciências da Terra, at Urca, the forum developed prototypes of collective actions that

should become reality within the next year powered by the synergy of the attendees but also

multiplied by ideas from beyond the social networks. (See projects below.) This was achieved

by Empowerment WORKS (www.empowermentworks.org), a global collaborative social network

specialized in catalyzing local solutions.

The social innovation proposals aim to provide material and planning strategies that will not only

create an objective product but will also do it in a caring, affectionate, collaborative and

productive manner for those involved hands-on and for the locals. People must be made

engaged in it. We are searching the answer for the following question: how to make a living

while taking human relations and urban sensitivities in consideration and reflecting on

the impact done to each person at the same time?

– Prosperous Cities – COR+AÇÃO tour (http://cidadesprosperas.strikingly.com/)

A presentation and experimentation tour of creative technologies and social solutions applied to

the extreme challenges that the communities inside Rio de Janeiro face. The project aims to

approve a toolbox and a low cost method of high replicability to change the reality of Rio’s most

in need communities. A prototype to help the Pica-Pau community starts to be cocreated by the


– Climate Economy – App, proposed bill and the creation of an Eco Hub

Creation of the app The Green Eye, which is supposed to be an open database (like a kind of

“sustainability wikipedia”) with an index of companies and products. In it, the consumer will be

able to rate products, production methods and service delivery quality by different companies.

The goal is to change people’s awareness by allowing them to make local surveys and learn

about the impact their choices as consumers have in the environment.

– Education for Everyone – Three coordinated actions

Creation of a work group with weekly meeting in Rio de Janeiro with the goal to accomplish the

following initiatives:

1. Drafting of a public policy to include Humanity (Academia do Ser) as a subject in

the public school program.

2. Systematize and publish a method for the creation of a learning space for online

courses, lectures with minimum effort and maximum use.

3. Replicate and recreate the Cidade Escolar Ayni model.

– Integral Health – Creating a public policy for the strengthening of SUS (unified

health public system)

The group will plan a practical way to strengthen the National Policy of Complementary and

Inclusive Actions (PNPIC) of the Unified Health Public System (SUS), with the goal of gathering

data and statistics on the impact of inclusive actions regarding health and its cost-benefit

relationship in comparison to other strategies. This will allow a wider range of access to

investments via donations that may be converted to tax reductions. You can learn more at:



What’s coming up

The Global Summit has the goal to mobilize local solutions for the most pressing challenges of

humanity. For that end, the organizers have created a virtual program and toolkit set. Besides,

signing up for the Competição 2016 has started and the prize is a trip to the VI Global Summit,

in San Francisco, in 2018. There are three steps to cocreate solutions and participate. (Learn

more about how to join here: http://theglobalsummit.org/local-summits/)

About The Global Summit

The social, economic and environment innovation forum reaches its fifth edition and always

takes place at the host city for the Summer Olympics. It gathers leaders and intellectuals from

creative and collaborative economy, giving voice to the attendees and leaving innovative social

solutions projects as legacy. Learn more at: http://TheGlobalSummit.org/

The event is organized by Empowerment WORKS in collaboration with many inspiring

partners, including Museu de Ciências da Terra, Serviço Geológico do Brasil, WeLight.co,

#Ajogada, the BRICS Policy Center, Gaia Education, Cernunnos Media, Rio Criativo, Startup

Rio, Catalytic Communities, Community in Action, Musical Activist Alliance, Bioneers, among

others.   Learn more at: www.TheGlobalSummit.org and find out about every collaborator.

Contact:  Melanie St.James, Executive Producer, The Global Summit V

Executive Director, Empowerment WORKS www.EmpowermentWORKS.org

Phone: +1 (415) 967-1711  / Email: msj@theglobalsummit.org

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