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The Global Summit VI

Harnessing the best of technology, business and culture, The Global Summit unites a powerful network of networks.  Are you ready for the next transformational conversation on the front lines of social, economic and ecological change? Be a part of it!

Beyond Borders : there is a solution

Every other year The Global Summit gathers a local and global community of visionary change agents, impact organizations, and business leaders to ignite team genius for a thriving world.

The Global Summit V of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro – alongside the Summer Olympics and at the height of political and economic crisis – enrolled players in winning Global Goals for Sustainable Development (or SDGs).  Bioregional networks from favelas to indigenous villages united and strengthened their collective impact on issues from wellness to housing justice to climate change and inclusive education.

Today, as we see the greatest number of refugees in human history, The Global Summit VI of 2018 will gather local solutions in Jordan, a nation built on generations of displaced peoples from neighboring borders of Palestine, Iraq and beyond. Carrying forward a legacy of peace-building and tolerance, Jordan now hosts almost one million registered Syrian refugees. Coupled with this burden, deep cuts in international support and a sharp rise in unemployment are undermining precious stability in a region too often defined by conflict. 

In the light of funding gaps (shrinking Refugee support + trillions needed for SDGs), how can we unleash the power of collaboration to create a more inclusive economy and sustainable world?

Applying advances in communication technologies to enable all voices to be heard, The Global Summit VI will source vital insights and inspiration from Jordan’s diversely resilient peoples, and inspired global citizens alike.

This is your invitation to be a part of a live and online global conversation.

Join us as we discover front-line perspectives on our shared humanitarian crisis, its social and environmental causes, and what is needed to turn the tide.

Blending a fertile field of emergent local ideas with cross-sector innovation, world-class art, hands-on workshops and next generation technology, our 6th biennial promises to be the most significant yet as we integrate being, thinking, doing and fun to forge holistic solutions in the face of our toughest challenges.

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Primary Goals of The Global Summit

  • Integrate, innovate and apply more transparent, inclusive and accountable governance systems that empower all people to have their voices heard in shaping solutions to the issues that affect them.

  • Advance our universal framework for sustainable community development along with delivery of vital educational tools enabling local self-determination, and effective collaboration across civil society.

  • Find and spread breakthrough technological and social innovations with the power to foster sustainable livelihoods and regenerate the planet’s ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Your Voice Matters. Make it heard with a talk, workshop, or cultural performance!


The Global Summit Experience

Be one of 200 local and global leaders. Calling Social Innovators in Amman & Beyond!


Why Participate?

  • Gain vital tools, connections and partners to build an ecologically thriving, socially just, and economically robust world.

  • Create your dream team — meet the world’s leading innovators across media, technology, art, education and business.

  • Join an extraordinary global community of Partners In Empowerment (PIE) – greater than the sum of our parts.

We succeeded. There’s always more – yet we moved the ball forward in a big way.

Greg Wendt, Sustainable Assets Advisor + Manager

“I feel lucky to be a part of this amazing group of people.   Participating was transformational for me in that I finally saw myself as a visionary too. I am eager to bring all a can to this project.”

Angela Karegeannes, Owner, Feeding You Organic Catering

“You assembled an amazing group of people. It was a pleasure to be there and I look forward to hearing about the next Summit.”

Kim Weichel, President UN Association San Francisco

“Thank you for a wonderful and successful summit – I am left feeling hopeful, energized and ready to take action to move our agenda forward.”

Bruce Dear, CEO + Owner, Pure Bamboo