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Not just 12, but 16 critical outcomes from The Global Summit VI were presented THE GLOBAL PITCH (Sept 16, 2018).

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Change makers across all sectors and walks of life; this is your invitation to co-create rippling impact.  Why Co-Create? 

3 DAYS OF INSPIRATION – leading edge discussions include:  

  • Jordan’s legacy and destiny : Beyond Borders
  • The Future of Work: innovation & prosperity for all 
  • Leading the Post-carbon economy with Green Jobs, ICT, & Data
  • Women, Power, Money, & Politics: time to untap the other half?

4 IMPACT STREAMS – with 7 collaborative training sessions advancing:

  • Education 4 All: Lifelong, Equitable, Accessible
  • Feminomics: How we all win by investing in women 
  • Living Well: Health and happiness from the inside out
  • Thriving Cities: Designing environments where people thrive

12 OUTCOMES & CHAMPIONS – peers in each Stream select highest impact:  

  • On-the-Ground Initiative
  • Policy or Legal Proposal
  • Technological Solution

The Global Summit VI culminates in Hackathon (Sept 14-15) where Champions develop prototypes for implementation and sharing with a live and live-stream audience in a final Global Pitch (Sept 16).

Apply to be one of 200 leaders in this powerful impact eco-system. Build the skills, insights and team you and your enterprise need to take your work and our movement forward through cross-sector collaboration.


The Global Summit VI

Harnessing the best of technology, business and culture, The Global Summit unites a powerful network of networks.  Are you ready for the next transformational conversation on the front lines of social, economic and ecological change?

Primary Goals of The Global Summit

  • Integrate, innovate and apply more transparent, inclusive and accountable governance systems that empower all people to have their voices heard in shaping solutions to the issues that affect them.

  • Advance our universal framework for sustainable community development along with delivery of vital educational tools enabling local self-determination, and effective collaboration across civil society.

  • Find and spread breakthrough technological and social innovations with the power to foster sustainable livelihoods and regenerate the planet’s ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Have a solution or initiative to share?  Bring it to life with Coopetition 2018!

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From Rio 2016 to Amman 2018

Every other year The Global Summit gathers a local and global community of visionary change agents, impact organizations, and business leaders driven by the belief, ‘Through Collaboration, Change is Possible”.

In each summit, we share and build the critical tools and teams needed to move our world closer to achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ensuring peace, prosperity and sustainability by 2030 – uniquely guided by local opportunities and assets.

The Global Summit V of 2016 in Rio, Brazil was held alongside the Summer Olympics and at the height of Brazil’s political and economic crisis.  Leaders from Brazil’s favelas to it’s indigenous rain forests gathered to strengthen local impact networks and advance outcomes in health, climate change, education, housing and more (read Rio report).

In 2018 we seize a timely opportunity to cultivate a more sustainable future at the cross-roads of the Middle East.

The Global Summit VI social innovation forum is planting seeds for renewal in the rich cradle of human civilization; Amman, Jordan; a nation built on generations of displaced peoples from neighboring borders of Palestine, Iraq and now Syria.

Blending a fertile field of cross-sector ideas, world-class art, hands-on workshops and next generation technology, our 6th biennial promises to be the most significant yet as we integrate being, thinking, doing and fun to forge holistic solutions in the face of our toughest challenges.

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Why Participate?

  • Gain vital tools, connections and partners to build an ecologically thriving, socially just, and economically robust world.

  • Create your dream team — meet the world’s leading innovators across media, technology, art, education and business.

  • Join an extraordinary global community of Partners In Empowerment (PIE) – greater than the sum of our parts.

We succeeded. There’s always more – yet we moved the ball forward in a big way.

Greg Wendt, Sustainable Assets Advisor + Manager

“I feel lucky to be a part of this amazing group of people.   Participating was transformational for me in that I finally saw myself as a visionary too. I am eager to bring all a can to this project.”

Angela Karegeannes, Owner, Feeding You Organic Catering

“You assembled an amazing group of people. It was a pleasure to be there and I look forward to hearing about the next Summit.”

Kim Weichel, President UN Association San Francisco

“Thank you for a wonderful and successful summit – I am left feeling hopeful, energized and ready to take action to move our agenda forward.”

Bruce Dear, CEO + Owner, Pure Bamboo