Today's challenges are inextricably linked and call for whole-system solutions.

Greater than the sum of our parts, the foundation - and a major outcome - of The Global Summit is an ecologically inspired social and economic network of citizens, businesses and organizations united in action for a thriving world.  Members of this network are called Partners in Empowerment (PIE - or 1PIE when they get together) and comprise:

For Profit Sustainable Businesses - Who: Aspiring and established private sector entrepreneurs, fund managers, investors & advocacy groups harnessing market forces to build a sustainable world 

Responsible Media Groups – Who: Print, Radio, Web, Events, Communications Agencies and journalists who uphold truth in journalism & conscious messaging to support an informed public

Artists in Action - Who: Musicians, visual and performing artists, actors, and celebrities. "Whether through visual art, music or poetry, Artists speak with integrity and the world listens"

Social Entrepreneurs – Who: Citizen, non-profit & governmental visionaries & innovators who create solutions dedicated to SOCIAL PROFIT i.e. benefiting people & the planet as top priority 

Collaborating For-Impact Organizations – Who: Community based and international nonprofits, foundations, government service agencies - dedicated to Social, Economic, and Environmental impact as the primary measure of their success 

Educational Institutions – Who: Private, Govt. & Nonprofit educators, researchers, scientists advancing evidence based knowledge, technologies and tools for a sustainable world

Learn More about: 

  • 1PIE Sustainability Principles for each sector [here]!
  • 1PIE Portal, & the 1PIE Hackathon [here]!
  • 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Action Framework [here]!