“I believe such a summit is long overdue - where communities and committed individuals have a larger voice."
- Dr. Noel Brown, Former Director, UN Environment Program


Driven by the vision to create a world that works for 100% of humanity, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ was launched in 2008 in San Francisco, California by 200 visionary leaders across business, media, education, arts, and social innovation sectors. Together they laid the bedrock for a new system of collaboration with the potential to change history.

The Global Summit is a biennial event series led by California-based  social innovation organization, [Empowerment WORKS] and made possible by a global community of partnerssocial architects, and contributing voices.  Our mission is to unite people, organizations and businesses in meaningful collaborations towards a healthier, culturally rich and ecologically thriving future.

Through solutionary dialogues, world-class music and art, hands-on workshops and technology showcases, each summit celebrates culture, social innovation and the power of diversity to foster a more inclusive economy and a human society that honors all life and all voices.

Autonomous, free from religious, political or any other singular agenda, The Global Summit crosses cultural, geographic and ideological boundaries to provide a neutral platform for global collaboration advancing integrative, interdisciplinary solutions for a regenerative world.

Primary goals of THE GLOBAL SUMMIT:

  • Empower all people to have their voices heard in shaping solutions to the issues that most affect them.
  • Advance social innovation tools for local self-determination, and effective collaboration across civil society.
  • Promote breakthrough technologies that foster sustainable livelihoods and regenerate the planet’s ecosystems.


The Follow Up Plan ~ tools for year-round impact:

Between summits, participant impact is advanced by Empowerment WORKS' year-round civic engagement & online education with its collaborative network [Partners In Empowerment – or 1PIE when united], locally-led [7 Stages to Sustainability] project support tools, and [Pulse of the Movement – POM], that work in ecosystemic synergy to empower all sectors of society to co-create a thriving world from the ground up.