Local Summits & Community Councils

Local Summits & Community Councils

Follow Up Plan 2017 & beyond

From the Ground Up

While The Global Summit unites our global community, local communities are both the source, and driving force of lasting change.

African Local SummitBuilding upon the example of the first African Local Summit in 2012, locally-led events are where the unique innovations, ideas, and critical knowledge comes from.

By sourcing what works locally, and sharing it world-wide, Local Summits are a mechanism to exchange solutions, ideas and appropriate technologies within and between participating communities.

Community Councils (mini-summits)

Leading up to The Global Summit a series of webinars prepare both virtual and live delegates for collective action.

During  The Global Summit think-tank program, community based councils are invited to help make all voices heard applying social media and mobile voting apps inviting citizens to weigh in on key conversations.

Together, crowd-sourcing local stories, we can generate a viral conversation that will reach the farthest corners of Earth.

Case Study 2012

In the first African Local Summit April 2012, The Global Summit community access partner, The Needs Report gathered citizen input into the issues that mattered most to their communities via cell phone voting.


Through the “Your Voice Matters” mantra, inviting voices to be heard across the globe, we’re linking together the communication and media services to create a world vote to chose the issues that we as a global community “united for our sustainable future” will take on as our “Critical Mass Action Campaign” through 2016.


  • Gather a Local Council to meet, identify your most inspiring challenges.
  • Let us & more of the world know about it, email: contact@theglobalsummit.org
  • Be a community outreach partner or sponsor – spread the word with virtual campaigns, live streaming, theatre & more.

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