The Global Summit Difference

A global game calling for mass collaboration

In every Summit we gather and build our collective partner capacity to most fully realize our founding principles:

  • Results-based Design – While most conferences and policy forums set forth critical information and goals, The Global Summit advances the “how” to, and facilitates a results-based strategy for dedicated participants to take collective action.
  • Participatory Democracy – While most high-level representatives are invited based on subjective relationships, or governmental appointment, The Global Summit “Solution Councils” holds its leading delegate seats open for global citizens, and transparent merit based public nomination.
  • Beyond Philanthropy – While the status quo to change the world relies on donor funds to support pre-determined programs; The Global Summit calls upon on the most vulnerable stakeholders to identify local needs, and builds a system for global partners to advance community-based solutions.
  • Community Access – While most forums are a conversation between powerful leaders, with token grassroots stakeholders in the room, The Global Summit employs a 4-part global access strategy ensuring those most affected by the issues addressed – people living below a dollar day, impacted by war, and on the front lines of climate change – are heard – at the table, online, or at the podium – promoting locally relevant global solutions.
  • Harmonic Diversity – While most forums conveniently target one primary demographic, The Global Summit, following a six sector format is uniquely inclusive, and strategically creates programming to unite and create new forms of partnerships between multi-sector and interdisciplinary stakeholder groups.
  • 100% Participation – Using proven accelerated learning methods, The Global Summit is hands-on, calling upon participants to use their full creative capacity. Integrated in the program based on what they bring to the table, participants have full experience of their positive impact.
  • 100% of Humanity – While most global conversations are amongst a fraction humanity working in governments and non-profits, The Global Summit calls upon all sectors of society, crosses borders, and languages with the goal of making each voice heard, and provides tools for the most grass-roots innovators to participate in shaping our common future.
  • 100% Action – While most conferences end when the participants go home; supported by online collaboration systems, The Global Summit catalyzes year round impact, providing tools for economic growth & program delivery.
  • Collective Integrity – Too often, public statements and promises are made, but not kept. The Global Summit and its technology partners tracking of  progress empowers a transparent global partnership network to positively acknowledge and reinforce commitments made.
  • Synergistic Program – While targeting a primary industry or demographic is convenient for marketing purposes, the dynamic exchange between diverse social strata, professional perspectives and cultures is what creates new results. The virtual & live program areas of The Global Summit — Sustainable Technology; SEED Change Forum (leader debates & virtual voting); hands-on Solution Councils ; 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Workshops; and Arts and Culture — attract diverse participation & foster critical mass collaboration.
  • 6 Sectors of Partners in Empowerment™ (PIE) Participatory Framework–  Emphasizing their unique ROLES based on what each has to contribute, The Global Summit engages 6 mutually supportive economic sectors: Social Entrepreneurs, Public Benefit Organizations, Educational Institutions, Sustainable Businesses, Responsible Media Groups and Artists in Action. This unique diversity ignites economic opportunities, elevates positive values, exchanges knowledge, and accelerates social change.
  • 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Road-map for Collaboration – The Global Summit’s integrated Sustainable Development approach facilitates participation of 6 mutually supportive PIE sectors, doing what they do best, in locally-led programs. Stage one brings together local Partners in Empowerment to define goals, access their own resources and develop holistic solutions with support of the global PIE community. Based on unique local realities, it is adaptive and thus relevant to diverse global communities and can be applied to any issue or challenge a community – local or global – works to address.


We are looking for Sustainable Results. How do we know we have them?

  • Local Communities are socially empowered and economically integrated in the global community. Dependence on foreign partners is reduced & social benefits increase. It benefits non-profits in reducing duplication through locally-led collaboration strategies. Emphasizing in-kind resources and use of what stakeholders have, it is not dependent on funding to create solutions.

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