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Join conversations with leaders from the frontlines, inspiring daily actions and local solutions for a thriving world.

Beyond live events, inspiration for impact continues throughout the year with Voices365, The Global Summit year-round Webcast Series.
  • From Regenerative technologies to Feminomics
  • Game-changing ideas and impact opportunities
  • Driving your work & our movement forward

Past Episodes

Be Free to Feel – Dec. 18, 2019

Find out how emotional freedom can change the world. Author and artist Anne Koller, Featured Voice in #Rio2016 and #Amman2018 Summit in Jordan, explains how to shift our collective value system from destroying our external world – to nurturing our internal world. #Wellbeing360.

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Climate Champions – Nov. 27, 2019

Be inspired by two extraordinary young leaders who took Climate solutions into their own hands in past summits from Rio de Janeiro in 2016, to Amman, Jordan 2018. Bringing together diverse global perspectives, they shed light on how we can support future generations in creating the world we know is possible.  #Soil2Sea

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Stay tuned for 2020 Episodes coming soon with Host | Producer, Martina Keiko Jefcoat!

Associate Producer at NHK, Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Martina is a reporter, researcher and production assistant in international news media, with extensive experience in communications for the UN and other international organizations. Assignments included Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and West Africa, as well as global issues such as climate change, migration, human rights.

Widely travelled through personal and professional projects, always attentive and engaging with locality – its people – their stories. Working independently and in teams, continuously honing skills and expanding knowledge in the field of journalism, storytelling and advocacy.

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