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About this #ImpactTeam Webinar Series: Across The Global Summit 2020 #ImpactGames year-round series is amplifying the game-changing solutions of up to 100 Catalysts (Apply/learn more) working to tackle the SDGs across 5 #impactTeams (Wellbeing 360, Feminomics, Learning 4 Life Thriving Cities, and One Ocean). Voices365 curated conversations invitation you to connect with local stories as we celebrate #HumanityinAction for a flourishing world.

Diversifying the Faces of INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP  Webinar – July 25, 2020

Bringing five #ImpactTeams that are driving the #ImpactGames2020 #Wellbeing360, #Feminomics, #Learning4Life, #ThrivingCities, & #One Ocean into dialogue, from ecological inclusion to respect for human diversity to innovative economies, inclusive leadership begins with “I.”

FEATURING * Dr. Jackie F. STEELE * Hiroko TATEBE * Yuki NAKAO * Anne MacDonald  * Terrence HOLDEN * Shu MATSUO POST

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Learning 4 Life #ImpactTeam Webinar

The vast majority of formal learning is still deeply rooted in traditions based on hundreds of years. But learning is much more than this rigid, qualifications focused, pass the exam, rote learning. SDG number 4 “Quality education” calls for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.   But what does this look like in practice?  In conversation:  Buthaina Aburoza, founder of Qutoof.org; Jana Al Bdour – Co-founder, Sakura Games, Sakuragamez.wixsite.com/Games; Ross Hall – Co-Founder of The Weavinglab.org; Tomoko Yoshida – is a Senior Instructor of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu; Tenshintaido.kenbu-tenshin.jimdofree.com/; Facilitated by Sonya Richards, creator of Thinkitivity.com

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One Ocean #ImpactTeam Webinar

A special Impact Team created for 2020 will share how their non-ocean career paths have led them on a passionate mission to use their skills and projects to be GAME CHANGERS, applying ART, SCIENCE, and Virtual Reality for global awareness to catalyze a post Coronavirus movement for GLOBAL ACTIONS to restore the Ocean Health Index. Their stories will open eyes and minds to discover how they too have skills that can help an Ocean Project, accelerating action on multiple Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs 1, 2, 8, 10, 11 13, 14, 15].  Join this extraordinary set of leaders – from finance to fine art- as we dive into solutions.  #OneOcean #ImpactGames2020  #SDG14

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Thriving Cities #ImpactTeam Webinar

The brutal killing of George Floyd exposed deepening inequities world-wide.

From Harlem raised, René John-Sandy motivating youth through sports and hip-hop, to Kevin Jones’ Somali refugee housing case study straight from the epicenter in Minneapolis, to Theresa’s decades of #socialjustice work in Rio 🇧🇷; to the urban benchmark of Tokyo from global citizen/ share house founder, Yuki Kitano, and the only foreign elected councilwoman in Tokyo (from Bolivia), Noemi Inoue.

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Feminomics #ImpactTeam Webinar

From urban high-rises in Tokyo to diamond mines of Liberia, we will explore how women and men are uniting to meet basic life necessities and further an equal platform for everyone to grow.  Join this dynamic conversation with business, governmental, and academic leaders from Sweden, Mexico, Canada, and Japan to find and create #whatsworking.

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Wellbeing 360 #ImpactTeam Webinar

In the face of COVID19, how can we Co-Create Resilience and promote #Wellbeing360 for ALL? What is this crisis surfacing to help us come out stronger than ever before?  Join us as we prepare to ignite the power of community #resilience in #Wellbeing360, the first #ImpactTeam Webinar of 2020.

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