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Learning 4 Life! #ImpactTeam Webinar

The vast majority of formal learning is still deeply rooted in traditions based on hundreds of years. But learning is much more than this rigid, qualifications focused, pass the exam, rote learning. SDG number 4 “Quality education” calls for inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

But what does this look like in practice?

JOIN Featured Voices:

  • Buthaina Aburoza – founder, Qutoof Professional Development (Green Vocational Training) Qutoof.org
  • Jana Al Bdour – Co-founder, Sakura Games, interactive edutainment through games  Sakuragamez.wixsite.com/Games
  • Ross Hall – Co-Founder of The Weaving Lab, a global community advancing ‘weaving learning ecosystems’. Weavinglab.org
  • Tomoko Yoshida – is a Senior Instructor of Kenbu Tenshin Ryu / Tenshintaido. Tenshinkai.jp
  • Sonya Richards (facilitator) – is a learning scientist and instructional designer. Thinkitivity.com

About this #ImpactTeam Webinar Series: Across The Global Summit #ImpactWeek events August 10-17 (now online) we will be highlighting, and amplifying the game-changing solutions of 100 Catalysts working to tackle the SDGs across 5 #impactTeams (Wellbeing 360, Feminomics, Learning 4 Life Thriving Cities, and One Ocean). Between events, these curated conversations are an invitation to connect local stories within and across #ImpactTeams, celebrate #HumanityinAction for a socially and ecologically thriving world.

The brutal killing of George Floyd exposed deepening inequities world-wide.

From Harlem raised, René John-Sandy motivating youth through sports and hip-hop, to Kevin Jones’ Somali refugee housing case study straight from the epicenter in Minneapolis, to Theresa’s decades of #socialjustice work in Rio 🇧🇷; to the urban benchmark of Tokyo from global citizen/ share house founder, Yuki Kitano, and the only foreign elected councilwoman in Tokyo (from Bolivia), Noemi Inoue.

Watch/ learn: YouTube (uncut) | see Facebook event

Could mounting economic disparity be lifted by feminine values in leadership?

From urban high-rises in Tokyo to diamond mines of Liberia, we will explore how women and men are uniting to meet basic life necessities and further an equal platform for everyone to grow.

Join this dynamic conversation with business, governmental, and academic leaders from Sweden, Mexico, Canada, and Japan to find and create #whatsworking.

Watch on YouTube (uncut) |  See Facebook event

Be Free to Feel – Dec. 18, 2019

Find out how emotional freedom can change the world. Author and artist Anne Koller, Featured Voice in #Rio2016 and #Amman2018 explains how to shift our collective value system that is often destroying our external world – to nurturing our internal world. #Wellbeing360.

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Climate Champions – Nov. 27, 2019

Be inspired by two extraordinary young leaders who took Climate solutions into their own hands in past Summit editions in #Rio2016, to Amman, Jordan 2018. With diverse global perspectives, they shed light on how we can support future generations in creating the world we know is possible.  #Soil2Sea

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