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What is this hackathon all about?

Dig deep into the creative process, and contribute to a tangible solution advancing Policy Change, Technological Innovation, and/or an on-the-ground initiative. In the process, expand your professional network with a dynamic with a variously skilled team.

Impact Week/end! August 15 & 16, 10 AM to 10:00 PM daily. *TOKYO / JST, see https://everytimezone.com/


We’re forming 15 teams of 5 co-creators to turn selected solutions from 5 Impact Teams in The Global Summit VII Leaders  Forum (August 11th – 13th) to take outcomes to the next level with design thinking and prototypes.

Use our partner-hosted virtual spaces, along with our specialized group of mentors to assist you in turning winning ideas into reality — making a difference for real people and our living planet!

The solutions developed throughout the 2 days will be presented in the Global Pitch (see 2018) for audience voting Monday, August 17th at 9:00 PM JST.

Each team will be matched with solutions on equal footing, guided by our set of diversely experienced mentors and #GameMasters. They will help you with what’s needed next for the solution to have the best impact possible. The next steps can be a campaign video, pitch deck, etc.  Check back soon for the agenda, speakers, and other details!

Can I pre-register?

Yes,  please add your skills and interests in this form. HERE  and we will follow up with you accordingly.

Questions? Contact:  Hack(at)TheGlobalSummit(dot)org.

Thank you!