Be a Part of the Hackathon Weekend February 20-21, 2021

Expand your professional network while making a real difference for real people and our living planet!

Dive into the creative process, and contribute to tangible solutions (Policy, Technology, Community).

WHEN:  Daily 4 Hour TIME BLOCKS between 8 AM to 11:59 PM.

Join a team in your timezone (all here).

HOW it Works

We’re forming 15 teams (4-6 ppl each) to catapult game-changing solutions into action with design thinking and prototype development support.

Sourcing the best of ideas and dedicated leaders from the Catalyst Action Training, each team will be matched with diverse support team members (YOU) to develop what’s needed next for each idea/initiative to have the best impact possible (salient call to action, go-to-market pitch, prototype).

Solutions developed throughout the 2 days will be presented Monday, Feb 22nd in the Global Pitch (2018 event) in a 3-minute pitch, with 2 minutes of Judges’ feedback.

Join now! Here’s how…

Tell us about you, your skills, and interests HERE.

We will follow up with an invitation to join a relevant team and any further questions.

That’s it.  

Thank you! 

Questions? Contact: Hack(at)TheGlobalSummit(dot)org  – WhatsApp: + 1-510-435-3204