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Framework for Participation

Greater than the sum of our parts

Starting in 2008 with the co-creation of cross-sector sustainability principles, The Global Summit sows the seeds for an ecologically inspired, social & economic trust network known as Partners in Empowerment™ (PIE) or 1PIE when united.

Harnessing the diversity of 6 key sectors, PIE bring the skills, appropriate technologies, and markets needed to add value to local assets and catalyze community-based solutions.

Whether a media group leads a cause-based marketing campaign to stop AIDS, a university creates greener technology, or an artist inspires a child in need, social, economic and environmental impact can be deepened and sustained through multi-sector collaboration.

6 sectors of Partners In Empowerment (PIE)

  • For-Impact Organizations – Who: Community based and international nonprofits, Foundations, Govt. Service Agencies dedicated to Social, Economic, and Environmental impact.

  • Educational Institutions – Who: Private, Govt. & Nonprofit educators, researchers, scientists advancing evidence based knowledge, technologies and tools for a sustainable world.

  • Sustainable Businesses – Who: Aspiring and established private sector entrepreneurs, fund managers, investors & advocacy groups harnessing market forces to build a sustainable world.

  • Responsible Media Groups – Who: Journalists, Print Media, Radio, Web, Event Producers & Communications Agencies who uphold truth in journalism to support an informed public.

  • Social Entrepreneurs – Who: Visionary citizen, non-profit & governmental innovators who create solutions dedicated to SOCIAL PROFIT i.e. benefiting people & the planet as top priority.

  • Artists in Action – Who: Musicians, visual and performing artists, actors, and celebrities.

    “Whether through visual art, music or poetry, Artists speak with integrity and the world listens”.

The Unique Roles We Play:

Become a local Impact, Creative or Supporting Partner

Why PIE?

  • Uniting PIE from the ground up is the foundation of EW’s  7 Stages to Sustainability  approach &  community development education  tools.

  • Empowering all voices to be heard,  PIE can be used as needed by government agencies for civic engagement or by community members as a self-organizing tool.

  • PIE emphasizes the unique ROLES and related skills that each individual, business, and / or agency has to contribute to — address an often interwoven set of locally determined needs – and to add value to latent local assets and economic opportunities;

  • PIE sector principles, skill sets, and roles are transferable, and can be universally applied to meet diverse challenges a community or region faces, promoting collaboration across social & environmental movements, advancing a whole-system approach to a sustainable world;