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Framework for Participation

Greater than the sum of our parts

The foundation a primary outcome of The Global Summit is an ecologically inspired social & economic network known as Partners in Empowerment™ (PIE) or 1PIE when united.

Harnessing the diversity of 6 key sectors, Partners in Empowerment (PIE) bring the skills, appropriate technologies, and markets needed to catalyze community-led solutions for a thriving, socially just future.

Whether a media group leads a cause-based marketing campaign to stop AIDS, a university creates greener technology, or an artist inspires a child in need, social, economic and environmental impact can be deepened and sustained through multi-sector collaboration.

6 sectors of Partners In Empowerment (PIE)

  • For-Impact Organizations – Who: Community based and international nonprofits, Foundations, Govt. Service Agencies dedicated to Social, Economic, and Environmental impact.


  • Educational Institutions – Who: Private, Govt. & Nonprofit educators, researchers, scientists advancing evidence based knowledge, technologies and tools for a sustainable world.

  • Sustainable Businesses – Who: Aspiring and established private sector entrepreneurs, fund managers, investors & advocacy groups harnessing market forces to build a sustainable world.

  • Responsible Media Groups – Who: Journalists, Print Media, Radio, Web, Event Producers & Communications Agencies who uphold truth in journalism to support an informed public.

  • Social Entrepreneurs – Who: Visionary citizen, non-profit & governmental innovators who create solutions dedicated to SOCIAL PROFIT i.e. benefiting people & the planet as top priority.

  • Artists in Action – Who: Musicians, visual and performing artists, actors, and celebrities.

    “Whether through visual art, music or poetry, Artists speak with integrity and the world listens”.

The Unique Roles We Play:

Why PIE?

  • Uniting PIE from the ground up is the foundation of EW’s  7 Stages to Sustainability  approach &  community development education  tools.

  • Empowering all voices to be heard,  PIE can be used as needed by government agencies for civic engagement or by community members as a self-organizing tool.

  • Rather than focusing on target issues such as health, economics, or technology, PIE emphasizes peoples’, organizations’, and businesses’ ROLES based on what each has to contribute based on locally determined needs;

  • PIE roles are universal and can be applied to any challenge a community or region faces, promoting collaboration across social & environmental movements, advancing a whole-system approach to a sustainable world;

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