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Learn, Teach, Co-create.

Be a Catalyst. Bust a Movement!

*Hosted online, rooted in your backyard. 

Never has your collaborative leadership mattered more

The Catalyst Action Training (CAT) of 2020 is a professional level, three-month movement-building Bootcamp for cross-sector leaders creating transformative change in their impact area.
Who should apply?  
  • Are you ready to take the next step as a collaborative leader?
  • Does your work/idea go beyond symptoms to address systems?
  • Are you actively tackling the SDGs in one of our 5 Impact Teams?
  • Are you ready to transform yourself as a next step to scale your impact?

If YES is your answer to these questions, CAT may be for you.

To kickstart solutions with expanded awareness and expert feedback, each Catalyst’s journey begins with The Global Summit #ImpactWeek–visibly integrated at the epicenter of a values-aligned network–and is followed by an 8-week online course providing world-class content in a facilitated peer-to-peer learning exchange.

Catalyzing collaboration and busting traditional silos across impact areas and sectors, CAT is organized as, and supported by, a multi-partner collaborative–sourcing knowledge, tools, mentoring, and community contacts from its diverse members to forge individual and collective results.

CAT is based on the resilience tested 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) framework which promotes a universal philosophy of working from the ground up and the inside out.  With action research of this network serving a unified, multi-organization Community of Practice (CoP), each CAT cohort, and the inputs of its supporting faculty contribute to an increasingly comprehensive yet specialized learning academy knowledge base finding #whatsneeded; creating, testing, & sharing #whatsworking with practitioners worldwide.   

What we are looking for (Selection Criteria and Process):

To identify those who have the potential to build a movement, candidates are measured (in three equal parts) based on 1) Commitment & Intrinsic Values supporting a world that honors all life and leaves no one behind, – to creating transformative change, 2) Capacities – professional and interpersonal, that you have already built and demonstrated in current or previous leadership efforts; and 3) Potential to create transformative change (as a policy, tech, or community intervention in one of our 5 impact areas. Seeking diversity of every level, CAT is intentionally intergenerational, inviting trailblazing teens as well as life-long learners and doers.  Based on the below application, qualifying candidates will be invited for an interview. 

Throughout CAT 2020, (a maximum selected) 100 change-agents will form cross-sector Impact Teams of 20.

  • All (max) 100 Catalysts will present their initiatives in their 2020 Leaders Forum #ImpactTeams
  • 15 will be selected by broader Impact Team to continue in the Hackathon & present in the Pitch
  • All will practice leading-edge skills with mentorship from world-class trainers 
  • All will earn a 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) certificate with access to the 7SS academy of mentors 

Key Dates: June 10 ‘Program Info Session (register); June 20 Applications Close, interviews; July 10 Confirmation. July 20 prep talk for Leaders Forum

Tuition | Investment

With scholarships provided as needed and available. tuition ranges from $100USD to USD$2700 for Executives.
To help keep doors open to diverse change agents, donations (US tax-deductible) are greatly appreciated!

Space is limited. Apply now & stay tuned!

2020 Catalyst Application

Movement Building Bootcamp Aug 10-13 (leaders forum) and Sept 20-Nov 20 (8-week online practicum)
  • Prep 5 hours total (July 10 - Aug 10) Leaders Forum: 8- 10 hrs Daily (Aug 11-13 JST) Learning Exchange: 11 hours Weekly (Sept 20 to Nov 20)
  • **Please attach link to a raw, authentic video of your why. If private, share w/ preferably in 'landscape mode'. (it will not be shared publicly without your permission)
  • This will be your Team of 20 (plus coaches) within the larger cohort of 100 Catalysts - starting with the Leaders Forum and collaborating with throughout the Fall course. More info:
  • (feel free to provide links)
  • Skills/capacities, learning environment, or other support. Use your imagination!
  • These are the Solution categories that will be sourced from Catalysts in the Leaders Forum -> Hackathon -> Global Pitch. #ImpactWeek.
  • During the Leaders Forum or in the 8-week course, we will have a variety of opportunities to share ideas, projects, skills with others.
  • To help us coordinate!
  • Thanks for supporting our diversity!
  • We respect that a lot of work goes into creating true solutions, this does not mean giving it away, but be ready to evolve, shift, change names, brands, etc, to bring impact to scale. If not sure, please provide an explanation in 'other'.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.