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Learn, Teach, Co-create.

Be a Catalyst. Bust a Movement!

*Hosted online, rooted in your backyard. 

Catalyst Action Training (CAT) 2020 is an 8-week social entrepreneurship Bootcamp led by domain experts, proven movement builders, and coaches that kicks off spotlighting your vision in action at the center of the Impact Games.

CAT is made for high integrity social innovators with a vision to disrupt the status quo.

  • Are you actively tackling the Sustainable Development Goals? 
  • Does your vision transcend symptoms to evolve systems?
  • Are you ready to transform yourself to make it happen?

1) APPLY (below by July 10!) to discover your Impact Team!

2) Share your solutions with the world in Solution Cafes! 

3) Get the Tools, Skills, & Community to create change.

Never has your collaborative leadership mattered more

Your Journey Awaits

The Catalyst journey begins at the center of The Global Summit Leaders Forum August 11-13 where you will engage with global audiences in interactive (online) Solution Cafes.
Next, an 8-week online course, Sept 22-Nov 15 blends world-class content in a facilitated peer-to-peer learning exchange. Out of this experience, Catalysts are visibly integrated at the epicenter of a values-aligned network of impact leaders.
Learn: Adaptive Leadership, Change based, Result-based Management, Complex Adaptive Systems; core capacities across 8 situational roles of Leadership, and where to apply.

Up to 100 change-agents across five Impact Teams gain 

  • Opportunity to be upvoted by global citizens for the Hackathon
  • A dedicated global team mutually advancing your life mission
  • Access to a growing 7 Stages to Sustainability learning academy

The Experience (about the course)

Eight (8) Weekly Modules – Equipping participants with catalytic leadership and an applied strategy to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), each will deliver dynamic Core lessons following 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) regenerative action framework; aligned with 8 dimensions of leadership.

Cultivating a values-aligned mutual support system, the CAT 2020 Movement Building Faculty is uniquely diverse, sourcing knowledge, tools, and from The Global Summit partner community.   

The Ideal Catalyst (about you)

Valuing diversity in every dimension (inclusive of cultural, intellectual, age, gender, physical, and economic backgrounds), CAT is intentionally intergenerational, inviting trailblazing teens as well as life-long learners and doers. 

We are looking for Social Entrepreneurs demonstrating intrinsic values of service leadership and commitment to create transformative change in one of 5 impact areas; via one of 3 primary vehicles of change: Community; Tech, or Policy.

Apply by July 10 and hang tight for an interview!  

Space is limited. Apply now & stay tuned!

Cost | Sliding scale tuition ranges from $170USD to USD$1700 for Executives. Scholarships provided as available.

To help keep doors open to diverse change agents, support our scholarship fund with (US tax-deductible) donation here.  

2020 Catalyst Application

Movement Building Bootcamp Aug 10-13 (leaders forum) and Sept 20-Nov 20 (8-week online practicum)
  • Prep 5 hours total (July 10 - Aug 10) Leaders Forum: 7 hours daily (Aug 11-13 JST) Learning Exchange: 10 hours Weekly (Sept 21 to Nov 15)
  • PASTE a link to a raw, authentic video. If private, share w/ preferably in 'landscape mode'. (it will not be shared publicly without your permission)
  • This will be your Team of 20 (plus coaches) within the larger cohort of 100 Catalysts - starting with the Leaders Forum and collaborating with throughout the Fall course. More info:
  • Please feel free to add links to your work, and mention a secondary Impact Area you are supporting if relevant.
  • Dream BIG.
  • What would support you in realizing your highest vision?
  • These are the Solution categories that will be sourced from Catalysts in the Leaders Forum -> Hackathon -> Global Pitch. #ImpactWeek.
  • In addition to presenting your project in the Leaders Forum, 8 weekly interactive sessions deepen learning and share ideas, projects, skills with expert practitioners in each Impact Team (max 20 Catalysts).
  • To help us coordinate!
  • Thanks for supporting our diversity!
  • Whatever will help us see what you are/ have been working on.
  • Also note the best way to reach you!
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