Learn. Teach. Co-Create!

Are you on a mission to co-create systemic change?

Transform your leadership, organization, & impact!

Catalyst Action Training (CAT) is a new movement building masterclass uniting The Global Summit impact community with year-round skill-building, visibility, and mentorship to forge transformative solutions and partnerships in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.

Now underway, the 2020 Catalyst experience began Sept 22, 2020 with an 8 Week, 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Bootcamp blending leading-edge regenerative enterprise management and leadership skills in a facilitated peer-to-peer learning exchange.

Space is available for movement builders!

Tackle the issues that matter to you.

Uniting Catalytic change agents working across The Global Summit’s 5 Impact Areas, CAT 2020 moves beyond silos to build the movement-possible solutions our world needs.


Learning 4 Life

Thriving Cities

One Ocean

Wellbeing 360

Are you a Catalyst?

Valuing diversity in every way, CAT is intergenerational welcoming collaborative leaders of all ages demonstrating integrity, commitment, and potential impact.

We are looking for…

Values –  humanitarian, in service to a thriving world
Commitment – to overcome adversity  
Potential – to create change

Can I afford it?

To provide this Pilot program to those who need it most, 2020 tuition is being waived for qualified candidates. 

Dive in with the 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) Bootcamp 


Meet your Instructors, see the Weekly Session Schedule!

Specialized yet comprehensive, CAT Faculty brings an unprecedented diversity of proven domain experts, movers, shakers, and makers!

After completing the 2020 Bootcamp, committed leaders continue to galvanize collaboration into 2021 with 1:1 mentoring, acceleration in the Hackathon, Global Pitch, and beyond.

The Experience

Sept 2020
Join your team
Apply & Engage!


Join a team of activated collaborative leaders and be the change you wish to see in the world! 

8 Week Bootcamp
7 Stages to Sustainability

Take your vision to the next level. Stage 0 to 7.  Learn while doing  with world-class core sessions and weekly resources.

Feb 20-22
Co-Create, Elevate, Activate
The Hackathon

Join or lead one of the 15 Selected Catalyst Solution teams in the Hackathon to be presented to a global audience.


Feb 20-21
Co-Create, Elevate, Activate
Global Pitch

A world-wide coopetition; an opportunity for visibility new access to markets, funding, and partners.

Aug 2021
Impact 365
1:1 Mentorship

Put skills to the test with advisory support from  world class professionals  industry leaders, and experts.

Let’s do this!

1) Teamwork, Connection, Collaboration

Learn what’s working and advance the leading edge in your impact area contributing to the first of its kind training meets impact collaborative. 

2) Learn from proven impact leaders

Specialized yet comprehensive, the CAT 2020 Faculty is uniquely diverse bringing you leading-edge tools to amplify your impact.

3) A Bootcamp that keeps kicking!

Earn a 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) certificate with access to a growing community powered, regenerative learning exchange. 

4) Year-round Acceleration and Visibility

Play a leading role in The Global Summit Hackathon & with an opportunity to present in the Global Pitch with mentorship into 2021.