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النسخة الإنجليزية | English Version Communiqué de presse : Les citoyens montrent la voie du développement durable au Moyen-Orient 23 août, Amman, Jordanie - La sixième édition du Global Summit, la première rencontre d’une série de rencontres mondiales qui se tiendrons au Moyen-Orient, se déroulera à Amman, en Jordanie, du 9 au [...]

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للنشر الفوري : مواطنون يتولون زمام القيادة في مجال التنمية المستدامة في الشرق الأوسط

انعقاد "القمة الدولية" بدورتها السادسة في عمان الأسبوع المقبل شباب يأخذون زمام المبادرة في صناعة التغيير والتنمية المستدامة   للتواصل : (بالإنكليزية) ميلاني سانت جيمس | +962 7 9058 1823 (بالعربية)   فرح حمام | +962 6 500 4600 3 أيلول 2018 عمان- ستعقد "القمة العالمية" Global Summit بدورتها [...]

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For Immediate Release :: Citizens take lead on Sustainable Development in the Middle East

النسخة الإنجليزية | Communiqué de presse CONTACT: (EN) Melanie St. James | | +962 7 9058 1823 (AR) Farah Hamam | | +962 6 500 4600  Citizens take lead on Sustainable Development in the Middle East Could an era of self-determination be underfoot? August 23, Amman, Jordan –  The Global Summit sixth [...]

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Press Release for Immediate Release :: Beyond Borders : there is a solution :: Amman 2018

CONTACT: (En) Melanie St. James   +962 7 9058 1823  (Ar) Farah Hamam  +962 6 500 4600 Beyond Borders : there is a solution From Rio to Amman: Forum Unites Intergenerational Leaders across MENA July 20, Amman, Jordan – With an emphasis on understanding critical issues facing the Middle East [...]

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Lightning in a Box! Partner Spotlight: “Red Lightning” brings Solar to Standing Rock

This past Thanksgiving, Empowerment WORKS' Founder joined the Red Lightning team in the ongoing protection of indigenous lands from the North Dakota Access Pipeline. While there she was blessed to capture a few extraordinary interviews for a special Pulse of the Movement webcast episode Voices from Standing Rock, recommended for a first hand feel of the [...]

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Telltale from Zimbabwe

Reflections on the Road in Zimbabwe on the way to Nepal... By Melanie St.James, edited by Melody Joy The Looming Inequality Arrived in South Africa in time for a marvelous New Year's Eve dinner with mentor Scholastica Kimaryo (left) and Ms. Thoko Majokweni, new collaborator, friend, and Advocate. It’s my [...]

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Exploring Human Security with Stephanie Chenault

Guest writer Stephanie Chenault has been a frequent contributor to several Syrian Refugee Councils and routinely participates in DC-based political and religious think tank meetings and discussions on security, persecution, and global terrorism.   She joined Empowerment WORKS (EW) Board of Directors this fall.  One of her main areas of [...]

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Lessons from Rio & The Global Summit V Report

YES, we did it!  For outcomes and to get a taste of the experience read and see:  Rio On Watch article by editor in chief and award winning city planner, Theresa Williamson Outcomes from Climate, Health, Education, and Thriving Cities teams (translated from Portuguese to English) by Journalist Maíra Teixeira [...]

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The Global Summit V Follow Up Report

Can we create a more selfless world? Yes! Partake in this idea! Rio de Janeiro hosts Global Innovation Forum by Maíra Teixeira da Silva After the closing ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro hosted an international event intended to move people to build a new age of [...]

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