Humanity has inherited a great unifying challenge.  Protecting life as we know it requires courageous leadership, unprecedented collaboration, and limitless creativity within the limits of one planet.

Imagine a world where every child born inherits a sustainable future and the responsibility to pass it on — where local communities have the tools needed to mobilize their knowledge, creativity, and sustainable resources – shaping real-time solutions for global resilience.

Rooted in the belief, ‘Through Collaboration, Powerful Change Can Happen’, The Global Summit was brought to life in 2008 to serve as a home for the diverse movements and people building a socially-just, ecologically thriving world.
Through bridge-building events, solution inspiring media, and unifying goals, The Global Summit accelerates the free exchange of ideas between players at all levels.
Uniting people hands-on, and online in shaping solutions to the issues that most affect them, The Global Summit cross-sector eco-system busts the silos that keep our movements stuck; moves ideas to action; and serves as a social innovation testing ground for a regenerative world.

Unifying goals and outcomes:

What kind of world do you want to co-create?

Supporting Your Year-Round Impact

With COVID-19 having moved the 2020 Impact Games online, The Global Summit is shifting from a biennial extravaganza to a year-round impact eco-system working in synergy to accelerate outcomes in 5 strategic impact areas.

With expanded connectivity and follow-through, broad worldwide goals for environmental change and sustainable development are achievable.

Harnessing the vast diversity and best ideas from seven locally-led editions since 2008, a synergistic line up of actions enables global access and multi-sector collaboration between every individual and entity involved.

From Concerts to Forums, to Bootcamps, to idea-building Hackathons and solution-spreading Pitches, each participant meets their unique goals while creating a thriving world for all.

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