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The Global Summit creates an integral link worldwide between passionate people working on social, economic and environmental justice. Instituted through it is an organized networking forum and event series supporting the singular goal of a sustainable future for all.

Applying advances in technology to empower all voices to be heard, The Global Summit crosses cultural, geographic and ideological boundaries to provide a citizen driven platform that honors indigenous knowledge – and respects all life.

Since it’s 2008 launch in San Francisco, CA, The Global Summit has been held every other year.   In 2012, to bring critical mass impact into the global spotlight, it started following the Summer Olympics.

Around the year, participant impact is advanced by year-round civic engagement & online education; locally-led [7 Stages to Sustainability] project support tools, and [Pulse of the Movement – POM], that empower all sectors of society to co-create a thriving world.

Autonomous, free from religious, political or any other agenda, it is facilitated by California based for-impact organization, Empowerment WORKS, and brought to life by a diverse community of volunteers and cross-sector Partners in Empowerment.

Primary Goals of The Global Summit

  • Integrate, innovate and apply more transparent, inclusive and accountable governance systems that empower all people to have their voices heard in shaping solutions to the issues that affect them.

  • Advance our universal framework for sustainable community development along with delivery of vital educational tools enabling local self-determination, and effective collaboration across civil society.

  • Find and spread breakthrough technological and social innovations with the power to foster sustainable livelihoods and regenerate the planet’s ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Impact 365

Year-round tools & follow up plan:

Beyond summits, a year-round network keeps participants connected through an online community called Partners In Empowerment or 1PIE when united. Think of 1PIE as the backbone infrastructure that acts as the follow-up plan, connecting people and ensuring that what was set out to be done is getting done.  This enables global access and multi-sector collaboration between every individual, organization and government entity involved.

Through 1PIE-enabled collaboration and connectivity, broad worldwide goals for environmental change and sustainable development are achievable and effective. For example—nonprofits interested in clean water in Zimbabwe can join with environmental engineers in Germany specializing in water purification systems, while conferencing with technologists worldwide looking to expand their network, in addition to collaborating with foreign policy makers looking for traction, and journalists looking to bring exposure.  Each meets their specific, individual goals within the broader context of creating a more sustainable society.

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