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The Global Summit is a call to action and transformation through the awakening of our intrinsic human values of self-determination, radical inclusion and love.

Humanity is in uncharted waters. Accelerating the transition to a post carbon economy – in time to make it just and inclusive – calls for courageous leadership, unprecedented cooperation, and limitless creativity within the limits of this planet.

Uniting people hands-on, and online in shaping solutions to the issues that most affect them, The Global Summit advances a whole system approach to a more ecologically sustainable, socially just world.

Bringing together people within social and environmental movements—strengthening their vision and collective capacity; The Global Summit provides a platform for collaboration through its flagship events, an online support community and defined common goals.

Primary Goals

  • Empowered Governance – Provide a platform for transparent and accountable decision-making with actions honoring local self determination; upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the Rights of Nature.

  • Synergistic Collaboration –  Advance our universal sustainable development framework and tools enabling all sectors of society to #worktogether to accelerate #ontheground solutions to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Regenerative Technologies – Source and disseminate breakthrough innovations that work to ensure the highest quality of life for the greatest number of people and protect the vital ecosystems upon which all life depends. 

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