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To provide the integral structure and organization to unite worldwide movements working towards

  • Social justice

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Economic security

To become the catalyst for a whole-system approach to support locally-led solutions throughout the year.

Humanity is in uncharted waters.  The 11th hour has passed and the status quo is failing to change course in a way that supports human life or the web of life that sustains us.

Peacefully surviving the post-carbon transition that is underway requires courageous leadership, radical responsibility, and limitless creativity.

The Global Summit crosses borders and continents, bringing together people within the social and environmental movements—strengthening their vision to build a sustainable and safe planet. Overcoming logistical and political hurdles, The Global Summit coordinates efforts, facilitates cooperative sharing and provides a platform for collaboration through an organized event series, online support community and defined common goals.

Primary Goals

  • Provide an inclusive, transparent testing ground for multi-stakeholder policy action research towards a system able to protect Human Rights and preserve life on Earth; honoring the sovereignty and voices of all people, everywhere.

  • Advance a universal framework for achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) empowering local citizens to address their most pressing needs while enabling effective collaboration across the public, private and civil society.

  • Drive innovation, dissemination, and adoption of appropriate and digital technologies as needed to ensure the highest quality of life for the greatest number of people and regenerate the Earth’s ecosystems upon which all life depends.

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