“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King

What are some of our outcomes?  How do we measure impact?

Through co-creative media, education, and events, we build leaders, surface local voices, and break silos to foster transformative change. Results are measured by the experience and direct actions of participants or immeasurably multiplied beyond.

As of March 2020, eight volunteer-driven forums (6 biennial flagships, plus Ghana 2012; Nepal 2017) have empowered and connected over 1,700 cross-sector change-agents across 6 continents, increasing their capacity to lead local solutions to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • deliverables:
    • Voices365 | Pulse of the Movement responsible media series inspiring citizen-led solutions
    • ‘African Local Summit’ #Ghana2012, 140 leaders rocked the Millennium Development Goals 
    • Scholarships to over 350 youth leaders impacting employment, energy, climate, and other challenges
    • Social innovation contest provided mentorship and evaluation tools for over 100 projects worldwide
  • ripples:
    • Hosted the first ISO 20121 Green Event in the Arab World; trained Champion enterprise -> 20X more
    • COR+AÇÃO tour a prototype to help the Pica-Pau community, created by #Rio2016 Thriving Cities team
    • SaudeintegralSUS Health information platform advancing holistic policy change across Brasil
    • Spin-off event, Green Economy Think-Tank fosters hundreds of green jobs in across the USA
    • See #Amman2018 projects at 1PIE.org; #Rio2016 Reports on our Blog; and YouTube Climate Champions.

Sourcing, Supporting & Scaling – Impact 365

Throughout the year, starting with the invitation to G(o)local, participant impact is accelerated via online training, and an emerging 1PIE.org collaboration engine made to kickstart, track and fund regenerative cross-sector solutions.

Resilience at scale requires collaboration at scale. Towards this end, we are working to measure the synergistic impact of partnerships, with 3 shared goals (aka trimtabs. or leverage points for change).