Youth Leaders

Youth Leaders

Youth Integration Platform at The Global Summit

Since 2008, The Global Summit has been inspired by its young leaders, which it puts in the center of each program.

We are looking forward to a dynamic Summit, with youth delegates (ages 16-24) leading the way. Interested Youth Leaders? Please share your story and why you wish to be part of this year’s Summit in our Scholarship Application form, here.  To get in touch, or follow up, please email:

The Youth Leadership program of The Global Summit is designed to accelerate change by building a movement of empowered, inspired and connected leaders.


  • INSPIRED young people who are:
  • INFORMED about climate change and global challenges
  • INNOVATIVE creative change ideas
  • ENGAGING in inspired action
  • CONNECTED to change-makers around the globe 24-7, 365 days of the year

Uniting young leaders and change-makers, The Global Summit Youth Program aims to ignite the combined energy and passion of youth in creative collaboration to:

    • Inspire, innovate and create change;
    • Use the 7SS strategy to put creative ideas into inspired action;
    • Learn to live within the limits of one planet;
    • Learn how to replicate this process in their communities.


Support the Youth Leaders Scholarship Fund!

Your support of youth by connecting them to this event is deeply needed and appreciated.


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