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In 2015 all 193 nations represented at the U. N.  formally agreed to an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or The Global Goals – a framework and comprehensive targets for humanity to end poverty and set course for sustainability by 2030.  Governments, major donors and professional NGOs can’t do it alone.

With latent human capital x 7.7 billion,  how can we most creatively catalyze local knowledge, innovation and passion for the greater good?

Rather than fly thousands of people across the planet, The Global Summit’s intimate and highly participatory events 1) strengthen bioregional networks; 2) provide a locally adaptable event model; 3) deliver scalable tools for local action – all empowering world-wide change agents (YOU!) to create rippling social impact around the world and around the year.

Showcasing and advancing your solutions to achieve the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the UN Challenge to Transform the World by 2030 – this is the endgame and culmination of The Global Summit VI.

Key Dates:

  • Toolkit Launched at the Global Pitch Sept 16th, 19:00 EEST
  • Submissions accepted on Sept 21 – Nov 1st 11:59pm EEST
  • Round 2 interviews, Nov. 15th – Dec, 1; Winners Announced: Dec. 16 2018 

At least one Community Champion will win a full travel scholarship and invitation to present at The Global Summit #7, immediately following the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo between August 10-18, 2020.

All completed Entries will be showcased on the 1PIE alpha portal; providing immediate exposure; supporting collaboration opportunities, and tracking progress through The Global Summit VII of 2020 in Tokyo.

How to Win?  – We are looking for Community-based Solutions that:

  1. Transform the root-causes and social conditions of issue addressed

  2. Empower those most impacted by issues at hand to resolve it

  3. Strengthen, build upon, and add value to local resources

**Entries will fall into Technology, Policy, and On-the-ground solutions and can be made by Individuals, Non-profits / NGOs, For-Profits, Governmental Agencies or Hybrid Entities.

What you can do…

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By sourcing what works locally, catalyzing innovation, and sharing outcomes world-wide, summits serve to exchange solutions, ideas and appropriate technologies within and between engaged communities.