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Are you doing something to build a thriving world? This is your call to action to co-create rippling impact–from wherever you are.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or Global Goals = Humanity’s universal targets to Transform Our World by 2030, in addressing Climate Change, Gender Equality, Poverty and much more.

With latent human capital x 7.7 billion, how can we most creatively catalyze local knowledge, innovation and passion for the greater good?

Rather than fly thousands across the world, The Global Summit fosters lasting positive change by strengthening local networks and accelerating solutions in the bioregion of each host city.

Through sharing inspiration online along with green event guides, and toolkits to achieve the 17 Global Goals, it empowers communities across the world to do the same.

Next, to catalyze year-round impact within and between our g(o)local community of Partners In Empowerment (or 1PIE when united), we’re calling all to co-create – starting with a showcase of Technology, Policy, and On-the-ground Solutions.

By sourcing what works locally, catalyzing innovation, and sharing outcomes world-wide, 1PIE will exchange solutions, ideas and appropriate technologies within and between engaged communities.

Get Involved!

Via 1PIE & The Global Summit, the 7SS method serves to:

  1. Transform the root-causes and social conditions of issue addressed

  2. Empower those most impacted by issues at hand to resolve it

  3. Strengthen, build upon, and add value to local resources

* Individuals, Non-profits / NGOs, For-Profit Businesses, Governmental Agencies or Public-Private Partnerships (Hybrids) are all invited!

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