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Bring your gifts to co-create sustainable social change!

Dance, poetry, theatre, along with a multi-media will bring Artists In Action to the center of Humanity In Action throughout Impact Week 2020 virtual, world-wide events Aug 10-17.

Often looked to as the consciences of humanity, artists have a unique ability to create powerful and innovative social change. Whether through music, visual art, performance, or poetry, artists speak with integrity and the world listens.

Why co-create with us? Benefits for selected ‘Artists In Action’ include:

  • Gain exposure on a global platform; Realize Your Purpose; Shape the Future! 
  • Opportunity to be live-streamed globally/ let the world know of your creative genius
  • Social Media cross-linking and welcome announcements on Facebook, and Twitter
  • Bio & Photo on and Sched App w/ preferred URLs and SM links
  • Org / Biz Partner Opportunities w/ Logo & link on
  • Opportunity to share in the Aug 10 by donation Concert Fund, 50% w/ Artists 

The Ideal Artist in Action:

  • Is willing to partner with our team to deliver the best possible experience for all participants
  • Is interested, schedule permitting, in attending the whole event and engaging fully in interactive sessions
  • Is open to helping spread the word about the event and supporting access for emerging change agents

Deadline? Selections are made on first-come, first-served basis until filled!
Questions: Email

The Global Summit VII #ImpactWeek 2020 Call for Culture!

Please tell us about your creative offering - performance or visual. Thank you!
  • City and Country applicant is based
  • Please submit separate entries as needed! NOTE: For both art sold and performances, we work to ensure that 50% of revenue pays out to Artists.
  • Brief bio (a couple of paragraphs) and / or artists' Website, Social Media Page(s) to see / learn about your work.