At this pivotal moment for our human family, the need for artist-led social change is nothing less than Olympic.

The Opening Concert of The Global Summit Impact Games will be elevating culture from Tokyo to LA (Aug 9 -10), simulcasting prime time in 5 time zones. Space remains for inspiring, impact focussed, programming, and production partners to co-curate a 4-hour block of multi-genre music videos, with DJs, and inspiring words.

Bring your game!

Accelerate a regenerative movement for social change, with revenue share and a global action platform.

How to co-create (sign up for option(s) below):

  • Artists in Action Unite Concert (See AiAU Details)

     – CO-HOSTS (Radio Shows, Music Journalists, etc), Bring your personality, passion, and voice to the world!

    –  Recording Artists – 2nd Round (rolling) -invited artists to submit MAX 10 min of high res mp4 video, etc.

  • Global Village – extends music and media throughout the Forum and weekend culminating Aug 17.
  • Online Art Gallery – rolling partner-curated exhibit with 2020 theme, ‘from the Soil to the Rising Seas’

Basic Terms – A Partnership with Artists: 

  • 50% of all concert revenue (donations, patrons) goes to the pool of Artists.
  • To raise funds with and for them and their causes regardless if famous or rising, all performers earn an equal share to keep, donate to a charity of their choice, or give a % back to the pool.
  • Global Village is cross-promotional, with independent fundraising collaboration TBD.

Who is behind this?  Led by Artists and youth, Artists In Action Unite is an initiative of Empowerment Works, the 100% for impact organization facilitating The Global Summit since 2008, inspired by Artists in Africa in 2001.

The Ideal Artist in Action (you):

  • Use your platform and creativity to shed light on the issues you care about
  • Are willing to partner with our team to deliver the highest impact for all involved
  • Are ready to spread the word to ensure the collective success of this shared mission

Why co-create with us?

  • Raise vitally needed funds for yourself, your cause(s), and fellow artists in action;
  • Amplify an artist-led, volunteer-driven global movement working for social justice;
  • Gain global exposure with the cross-pollination of creative partners; 
  • Link up with Businesses & Event Producers that can help support your creative efforts;
  • Show the importance of art and creativity in creating transformative change;
  • Social Media cross-linking and welcome announcements on Facebook, and Twitter
  • Bio & Photo on w/ preferred URLs and SM links
  • Org / Biz Partner Opportunities w/ Logo & link on

Get in touch: [email protected]