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In 2015 all 193 nations represented at the U. N. formally agreed to an ambitious set of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” — a framework to coordinate global efforts for ending poverty and hunger, combating inequality and disease, slowing climate change and building peace.

As local communities are where vital innovation and knowledge come from, the live Summit works as a platform to empower the energy and genius of local solutions, with strategic action tools.

By sourcing what works locally, and sharing it world-wide, Local Councils are invited to exchange solutions, ideas and appropriate technologies within and between participating communities.

Together we are greater than the sum of our parts — and can have a truly global impact towards 2030 targets of The Global Goals.

GET INVOLVED!  What you can do…

  • Gather a Local Council to meet, identify, and tackle key challenges in your community. 
  • Join our social networks to enable citizens to weigh in on key conversations.
  • Sign Up to receive our Local Solutions toolkit with ‘how to’ join Coopetition 2018!

Background & Follow Up Plan

African Local Summit

Carrying forward The Global Summit mission throughout the year, facilitating organization, Empowerment WORKS hosts a variety of collaborative programs such as Pulse of the Movement webcasts, Social Impact Salons, and other local solution oriented events, aka Local Summits.

  • In the first African Local Summit April 2012, The Global Summit community access partner, The Needs Report gathered citizen input into the issues that mattered most to their communities via cell phone voting.
  • In Spring 2017, Empowerment WORKS and local partners launched a regenerative investment strategy for post-earthquake Nepal.

What will be your follow up plan?

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