The Global Summit #ImpactGames is your opportunity to think globally and act locally!

In 2015, 193 nations represented at the U. N. agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or The Global Goals – comprehensive targets for humanity to end poverty and set course for sustainability by 2030. 

In the world’s most vulnerable communities, COVID19 economic challenges are fast causing food shortages and exacerbating the impacts of Climate change, putting SDG targets, and the promise of human dignity for all which they defend, at stake.

With deepening debt and budget gaps, we cannot fund our way out of this humanitarian crisis.  In this new era of resilience, all members of our human family are vital in creating a regenerative future.  Our global community needs to embrace rapid iteration, cross-sector innovation with big changes in how we live and work together.  Frontline communities need all hands on deck to mobilize indigenous solutions.  

Simulcast from Tokyo and from partner hubs around the world, August 9-17, the 2020 Impact Games will move vision to action within and between engaged communities. Wherever you are, however you feel called to play, The Global Summit has a place for you to make a greater difference.

Bring your leadership, vision, and voice to create change!

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