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Global Goals – Local Solutions

In 2015 all 193 nations represented at the U. N.  agreed to an ambitious set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or The Global Goals – a framework and comprehensive set of targets for humanity to end poverty and set course for sustainability by 2030. 

How will We Transform the World by 2030?

With recession budgets unlikely to rise as needed to meet SDGs gaps with cash, we are going to need COVID19 disruption and emergent communications, with Green New Deal innovation, and all hands on deck to mobilize indigenous solutions.

Broadcast live from Tokyo, August 10-17, 2020, The Global Summit Impact Week invites diverse voices into a global conversation through a distributed network of community-based events.

With deep engagement in Tokyo, we strengthen regional networks and drive sustained outcomes. We catalyze rippling social impact by empowering communities with tools to do the same.

HOW IT WORKS – Catalytic toolkits ignite local solutions within and between engaged communities! 
  1. Gather for Good – event organizing & greening guide – for Community Partners (April 2020!) 
  2. Local SDGs Solution Toolkits – for all people ready for action (Aug 17 w/ Global Pitch) 
  3. 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) training – Fall 2020 and beyond …
GET INVOLVED!  What you can do…
  • Become a Community Partner to Gather 4 Good & create rippling Impact365!
  • Spread the word! Join our social networks and weigh in on key conversations.
  • Join our G(o)local Community and get the latest Local SDGs action tools & eNews!

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What’s your follow up plan?
African Local Summit With Tokyo2020 as an activation, impact continues throughout the year with webcasts, action research, and other local solution oriented events, aka Local Summits.

Be inspired by Voices365 Media and the 7 Stages to Sustainability Roadmap