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Thank you for your interest in joining Team 2018!

We are overflowing with gratitude for everyone who has already applied–as of August 28at we’re closing this form and doing our best to make a greater difference with the over 15o candidates who have generously offered their skills, passion, and time.

A 100% for impact event, The Global Summit (TGS) has been co-developed through a model of partnership, and is driven largely by a team of volunteers. We are very grateful for the time and skills you have to offer in helping to make this event an amazing success.

If you have the means to join as a delegate, there may be time to join if you apply now.

If not, no worries!  Join us online and off with these key live events in Amman and beyond!

  • First, to make sure you’re getting the most of the Summit impact offering, see our G(O)LOCAL Page!
  • Across Jordan, Zain ZINC will be live-streaming the main program (SEED Change Forum) Sept 10-12.
  • Join our Facebook Event (Sept 9-12 program) for Direct Live Stream and of the Cultural Reception too!

And did you know we have two post summit events over the following Weekend, Sept 14-15?

Our first Future Faire – a Free Public eco-educational celebration of music, yoga and FUN for all ages.

TGSVI Hackathon – turning ideas and outcomes from the Summit into year round impact.

Join The Global Summit Facebook page to see all events and updates in real time.