Letter from the Convener2019-08-29T18:22:24+00:00

Dear Global Citizen,

It’s an honor to present THE GLOBAL SUMMIT VII and to invite you to build a thriving world with us, from wherever you are.

Our flagship 8 day innovation marathon will be broadcast live from Tokyo August 10-17, 2020, and virtually across the globe.

The Global Summit was launched  in San Francisco, CA in 2008 by 200 visionary sustainable business, humanitarian and cultural leaders driven by the belief, “through collaboration, change is possible” and the vision to create a new 21st Century operating system.

Held every two years since, 2020 will be the third Summit to follow the Summer Olympics, bringing its spirit of peaceful competition into the race for sustainability. In each Summit, beginning with a culturally rich reception, we celebrate the power of art and diversity to forge whole-system solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity.

With the 2020 theme, ‘From the Soil to the Rising Seas: You Are the Solution’ we rise to the global climate and ecological challenge threatening not only future generations, but our own.

To walk the lowest carbon path possible, rather than consider flying to Tokyo, we invite your inspired local action supported by community event tools and direct participation online.  Our locally adaptive, solution generating program strengthens impact eco-systems wherever held, making space for each region to create lasting change, while leaders in Tokyo share their unique perspectives with the world.

Thank you being part of this g(o)local movement! We look forward to making impact with you in 2020 and beyond.

In Collaboration,

Melanie St.James, MPA

Executive Producer, The Global Summit
Executive Director, Empowerment WORKS