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Dear Global Citizen,

It’s an honor to invite you to participate in a transformational event: THE GLOBAL SUMMIT VI, in Amman, Jordan, September 2018 and virtually across the globe. Thank you for this opportunity to share a bit about our background and purpose.

The Summit producer, Empowerment WORKS has worked with communities on the front lines of social and environmental change for almost 20 years. In 2008, to bridge the growing social divides between those most in need of systemic solutions, Empowerment WORKS – along with 200 visionary sustainable business, humanitarian and cultural leaders – launched The Global Summit in San Francisco, CA. Together we laid the bedrock for a system of collaboration with the potential to change the world.

Grounded in the belief, “through collaboration, change is possible” The Global Summit has been held every other year since – in California and alongside the Summer Olympics in London (2012) and Rio (2016). In each Summit, beginning with a culturally rich reception, we celebrate the power of art and diversity to forge whole-system solutions to some of the most insurmountable challenges facing humanity.

Through The Global Summit of 2018 in Amman, we have a rare and timely opportunity at the epicenter of more than the global refugee crisis. As global climate and ecological crises lead to increased tensions, we need to understand the root causes of conflict.

How does growing economic and environmental resource disparity – and the impacts of climate change affect the most vulnerable?  How can those with economic and political power shape global policies in partnership with those, who are vulnerable and build peace with our planet and each other? How will WE build true human security from the ground up, explore, exchange and accelerate whole-system solutions for peace – from earth rights to human rights?

In 2018, we will gather leaders across cultures and social strata to respond.

Today we invite you to join us in bringing our sixth Summit to life – a unique platform for your organization to connect with thousands of people invested in our shared mission.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our mission and event program here.

Whether joining us online or in Amman, we look forward to making impact with you in The Global Summit VI.


Melanie St.James, MPA

Executive Producer, The Global Summit
Executive Director, Empowerment WORKS