A catalyst for collaboration throughout the year, The Global Summit delivers a road-map for year-round action called  7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS).  Stages 1, 2, and 3 are  “what we do at home and in our communities”.

In this 4 part Pre-Summit Webinar series we will engage with leaders from California to Calcutta traveling through 1, 2, and 3.  We’ll pick up with Stage 4-7 “what we do together”  both online and off at The Global Summit 2012 and beyond.

Join host, Melanie St.James in collaboration with Jazz Rasool, Local Host Partner, GlobalNet21‘s Learning Co-ordinator.

WEEK 1 – July 19 @ 10:30AM PST/ 6:30pm GMT/London JOIN LIVE HERE with GlobalNet21

Laying the foundation for our journey to The Global Summit, we’ll dive deep into the Big Picture of our global system with special guest, Peter Joseph – creator of Zeitgeist Movement & Film Series.   See what’s driving this movement maker and ask yourself, “What’s calling you to action?”

Peter Joseph is the creator of the world famous, award winning “Zeitgeist Film Series (with over 17M views)” and catalyst of “The Zeitgeist Movement” which seeks to shift our social system into a more sustainable paradigm, Peter continues to focus on media related expressions, including music composition, performance & film production, each with the focus on affecting society for the better.

He has also lectured around the world on the topics of social sustainably and has been featured in the New York Times, Russia Today, TedX and many other outlets. He is also on Steering Committee of “Project Peace on Earth.”

Shared strategy = collaboration & measurable results 365 days a year.

Stages 1-3: What we do in and with our communities

Stages 4-6: What we do together at The Global Summit 

Stage 7: THE CULMINATION: Deepen Impact & Thrive

Stages 1-3

WEEK 2 – Thursday, July 26 @ 10:30 PST/ 6:30pm London Summer Time  RSVP HERE 

7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) – Stage 1: Build a team around your ideal future.   

Featuring special guests, Laura Musikanski (Happiness Initiative) & John Boswell (GetaVision) and their exemplary Co-Creation with Compassionate Action Network to elevate the Global Happiness and Well-being Movement.

Four years ago, Karen Armstrong made a wish for a compassionate charter, and since then Compassionate Action Network (CAN) has been working with cities, organizations and people across the US and globe to make that wish come true.  Last year, the United Nations issued a resolution urging governments to use Gross National Happiness rather than Gross Domestic Product as a guide, and the Happiness Initiative (HI)  is working with cities, organizations and people too measure
happiness. With the HI index as a tool to measure compassion, GetaVision is demonstrating how to connect the dots, collaborate and bring about a better present and future for us all. Learn about these organizations, how you can use these tools and how you can become part of the global movement for compassion, happiness and love for all.



laura_musikanski_sm-500363de3b179Laura Musikanski, Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Happiness Initiative. Prior to joining the Happiness Initiative, Laura served as  Executive Director of Sustainable Seattle, and before that she was the Sustainability Director for a medium sized (90M a year) environmental consulting firm and an entrepreneur and small business owner for 18 years.

She taught at the UW MBA program as well as for professional training programs. Laura is a lawyer with an MBA and certificates in Environmental Management and Environmental Law and Regulations from the University of Washington. She is a member of the Balaton Group, and has published articles in YES, Earth Island Institute, CSRWire, Mom’s Rising and The Progressive.

WEEK 3 – ThursdayAugust 2 @ 10:30 PST/ 6:30pm London Summer Time RSVP HERE

7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) – Stage 2: Assess your social, economic and environmental assets.

In this webinar, featuring special guest Prof. Suad Sualiman – leading expert in Local Assets, Global Health and Life, we will explore vivid examples of asset based community development direct from the Sudan. 



Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.42.41 PMProf. Suad was Co-founder and Vice-President of Sudanese Environment Conservation Society for four years, and member of Board of National Bio-safety Advisory Committee, Higher Council for Environment, Ministry of Environment. She sits on the National Steering Committee of the Nile Basin Discourse, Sudan Forum, and was Adviser on Health Research, UNESCO Chair for Women in Science & Technology, Sudan, and was Chair of the Transboundary Micro-grants programme in the Sudan. She was member of the National Onchocerciasis Task Force, and member of the Khartoum Academy of Technology, and member of most endemic disease research groups and control committees at the Federal Ministry of Health.

She is currently Acting President, Sudanese National Academy of Science, and member of the Technical Advisory & Ethical Research committee, Federal Ministry of Health and is research director, Sudan Medical Heritage Foundation.

A world health expert, Prof. Suad sat on several WHO advisory committees, was Director of Medical Parasitology Research Project, Khartoum Laboratory and team member in major health projects in Sudan including the Blue Nile Health Project, Sudan, the Michigan State University / National Institute of Health Medical Parasitology Research Project, Sudan, the Institute for Tropical Hygiene, University of Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany, the Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory (DBL), Copenhagen, Denmark, and Member of the London ‑ Khartoum Bilharzia Control Project in the Gezira, Sudan. She taught ethics in research, research methodology, community medicine, and medical parasitology.

Publications: Prof. Suad has more than 120 published scientific papers to her credit, and supervised the work of more than 50 post-graduate degrees, and is a referee to several scientific journals inland and abroad.


WEEK 4 – Thursday, August 9 @ 10:30 PST/ 6:30pm London Summer Time Learn more / RSVP HERE

7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) – Stage 3: Co-create your plan – Action Goals & Measurable Objectives.   

Lindy Wafula – Politician/ Women Congress Leader at Labour Party of Kenya 

Lindy Wafula is the Founder and Executive Director of Project Africa – a non profit organization established in Kenya to promote gender equality and empowerment of women. She is also a social entrepreneur and community organizer who is a passionate advocate for the advancement of women in leadership and decision making position in every social, economic and political spheres of life.

Lindy’s commitment to the empowerment of women from the grassroot-up steered her into politics where she contested for the office of Member of Parliament in 2010. She was also elected to the National Executive Council of the Labour Party of Kenya where she is currently the Leader of the Women Congress of the Labour Party of Kenya (LPK). She also serves as the Secretary General of the Women’s Academy for Africa (WAFA) which seeks to empower African Women politicians who subscribe to social democracy with tools for winning elections through training and mentorship.

A champion for young women, Lindy Wafula has successfully spearheaded programs under the banner of Leading Ladies Circles to ensure the education, empowerment and engagement of young women in leadership. The Global Women Leadership Network recognises her commitment to the inspiring challenge of advocating for the representation of young women under than 40 in political process in local, national and global levels.

On to The Global Summit 2012 where Stages 4-7, a vast array of skills, tools, markets, and systemic solutions to catalyze community-led social action throughout the year.

See overview of 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS)

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