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Beyond Borders : there is a solution

From Rio to Amman: Forum Unites Intergenerational Leaders across MENA

July 20, Amman, Jordan – With an emphasis on understanding critical issues facing the Middle East and how they affect the world, The Global Summit’s 6th biennial forum brings together cross-sector leaders around the regionally inspired theme, “Beyond Borders: there is a solution.” Launched in San Francisco in 2008 and following the Summer Olympics since 2012 – London, and Rio de Janeiro, this September’s forum will take place at Generations For Peace Headquarters in Al Hussein Youth City in Amman, Jordan, making this the first summit of it’s kind to be held in the Middle East region.

Limited to 200 participants most of the summit will comprise interactive sessions with Arabic speakers. The main stage morning and afternoon plenaries will be live-broadcast in both Arabic and English, bringing diverse perspectives and local insights to a world-wide audience.

Seven years into the Syrian crisis, Jordan is widely perceived as a hub for peace and stability within a turbulent region, yet it continues to struggle under the weight of the significant influx of refugees and its own economic and political challenges. The Global Summit brings these and other pressing issues to the forefront of the conversation, forging solutions by providing a platform for Jordanian, Arab, and international voices from the grassroots level through to policymakers and business leaders.

Kicking off September 9 with a celebration of art and cultural diversity, the program runs from September 10-12 and is gathering a growing list of intergenerational voices, including 16 year old Journalist & Game Developer, Sham Al Bdour & her 12 year old sister, Jana; Salma Nims (Secretary General of the Jordanian National Commission for Women); H.E. Marwan Juma (Chairman, Oasis500); Robyn N. Lui, PhD (UNICEF, Innovation Specialist); Tamam Mango (CEO, Crown Prince Foundation); Dr. Sami Hourani (Founder, For9a); Swedish Ambassador Erik Ullenhag; and Reem AlFranji (Founder,

“While the name is ‘global,’”says Melanie St. James of the event’s California-based facilitating partner, Empowerment WORKS, “each summit serves to foster greater understanding and appreciation of local solutions, and to inspire community-based action.” The Summit drives tangible outcomes forward through four Impact Streams (tracks) uniting ideas and skills around themes of Health, Education, ‘Feminomics’, and Thriving Cities (Eco-Resilience).  

After three days and seven cumulative trainings and facilitated dialogue sessions, participants in each Stream will select a policy, technology, and on-the-ground solution for development in the subsequent Hackathon. Applying advances in technology to enable all voices to be heard,  the Summit challenges a vicious cycle of apathy that plagues civil society by creating a transparent platform through proactive outreach to the younger leaders eager for change.  

“This Summit is unique in that it is not a donor-driven forum; it is rather the fruit of the efforts of countless volunteers who come together to build the content and create the experience.” Summit Creative Experience Lead and Director of Projects for NEXUS at RSS, Lulwa Saffarini, “it is a space where we are tackling the developmental challenges we generally steer away from.”

As a unifying vision, the 12 peer selected outcomes of the Summit, culminating world-wide social innovation challenge and Local Action toolkits all serve to advance the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform the world by 2030. The Global Summit welcomes impact leaders working across Arts, Education, Media, NGOs, Government, Business, Technology, and Philanthropy sectors who a dedicated to building a more sustainable, economically robust and socially just future – for all.

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About The Global Summit™ initiative: Launched in San Francisco in 2008, The Global Summit biennial attracts some of the world’s most innovative social, economic and environmental pioneers and provides a ready framework for participants to take their work to the next level.

With an expert facilitated interactive program, delegates build relationships with key collaborators moving forward, expand their capacity as change-makers and learn relevant skills across the 7 Stages to Sustainability and 6 Sectors of Partners In Empowerment (PIE). The Global Summit is autonomous, free from governmental, religious, political or any other singular agenda. It is grounded on the belief that: “Through global collaboration, powerful changes can happen.”


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