Whats the greatest gift you can give yourself and others this festive season – and everyday in between? Find out how emotional freedom can change the world.

At The Global Summit we believe that true impact begins when people go home. In the second episode of our Voices365 series, author and artist Anne Koller, Featured Voice in #Rio2016 and #Amman2018 Summit in Jordan, explains why #Giving365 plays a powerful role in ensuring a lasting #Impact365.

This festive season lets give thought to the nature of the gifts we give to ourselves and others –  by learning how to shift our collective value system from destroying our external world – to nurturing our internal world.

Guest Anne Koller joined The Global Summit in Rio and Amman to speak about how diving into the spectrum of human emotions is the only way to live free.  Anne’s sudden loss of her father in 2011 spurred her to explore the intersection of emotion and the creative arts, resulting in art projects such as The Ashes Project, TAPIN, Follow the Water, and most recently her book of raw and unedited prose, Free to Feel.

She draws on a decade of experience at global organizations such as Google and the World Economic Forum combined with expanded disciplines in Kundalini Yoga, meditation, spoken word, community building, and interactive art to craft experiences designed to unleash the power of emotions.

Anne guides corporations, communities and individuals to pursue emotional wellness through art, meditation, movement, writing and other tools. With a Master’s from Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, experience working and living in four countries, and fluency in four languages, Anne seamlessly translates her unique approach for audiences around the world.

Her voice has been featured in various media outlets, from Huffington Post and the Today Show to GOOD Magazine and New York’s Village Voice.

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