WHO: Invited press/ journalists, Impact investors, Philanthropists, Hackathon leaders, 8 young journalists working with UNDP

WHAT: Outcomes from 3 day social innovation forum and follow up 1PIE Hackathon

WHEN: Tuesday the 30th of August from 3-4:30PM

WHERE: Museu de Ciências da Terra Av. Pasteur, 404 Urca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 22290-255 (main summit venue/ upstairs ballroom).

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  • Contact:  Melanie St.James, Producer, Phone: +55 (21) 969363915
    Press RSVP w/ credentials to: [email protected]
    Impact Investors request RSVP [email protected]
  • Contact: Daniela Maria Guzman Pena, UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development | Rio+ Center Young Journalists Program Coordinator, Phone: 55 (21)9 8334 0541 / [email protected]

UNDP Rio+ Center & Rio Young Journalists have last word in The Global Summit 5th
biennial Social Innovation Forum (Aug 23-30, 2016)


Leveraging the event to mobilize local solutions by sharing tools for community development with a global livestream audience, The Global Summit has invited Rio+ Center Deputy Director Layla Saad to speak on their efforts to engage citizens in implementation of the Global Goals to transform our world by 2030 (identified by UN member countries in 2015) in the Day 3 PM plenary, August 26th at 3:00PM.


In addition to large sessions with broader topics such as the one Layla will present in, the Summit invites participants to join “Challenge Teams” to co-develop local and global solutions addressing Climate Economics, Whole Health, Education for All, and Thriving Cities.


The Global Summit Press Conference and Outcomes Presentation on Tuesday August 30th will summarize the outcomes from the 3–day summit and the following Hackathon. The press conference will also feature the eight young journalists that have been reporting on sustainable development during the Olympics in a new program spearheaded by the Rio+ Center and the Center for Integral Studies and Programs on Sustainable Development (CIEDS) in Rio de Janeiro, Jovem Jornalista.


The young journalists, who represent young Cariocas, are telling stories of progress and resilience in their own communities, while the world’s spotlight is on Rio de Janeiro. The Young Journalists will be participating in the summit before their press conference talk, and will participate in creating solutions for their city with collaboration from leaders from all over Brazil and the world.


Launched in San Francisco in 2008, The Global Summit is an initiative of Empowerment WORKS, a nonprofit sustainability think-tank based in California, USA. It’s fifth summit in Rio follows its trajectory to coincide with the Summer Olympics, which started in London of 2012, and scheduled for Tokyo 2020.


The program format of The Global Summit takes the shape of a social innovation training, and thus is distinct from a conference. For each Challenge team, it delivers a series of skills building, collaborative workshops to drive real-world outcomes. By the end of Day 3, each team is challenged to come up with a public policy with action plan, community-based initiative, and on-line web or mobile app.



Press & RSVP Contacts:

Daniela Maria Guzman Pena
UNDP World Centre for Sustainable Development | Rio+ Center Young Journalists Program Coordinator
[email protected]  / Phone: 55 (21)9 8334 0541

Melanie St.James, Producer, Phone: +55 (21) 969363915
Press RSVP w/ credentials to: [email protected]
Impact Investors request RSVP [email protected]


See for Press, Contact, Program, Partners and Voices.

Main Program: Aug 23 (evening reception), Aug 24-26, 9am-5:30pm Daily.

The Global Summit is a social, economic & environmental forum providing a neutral platform for worldwide collaboration. The event is about uniting and celebrating a diverse group of people, organizations and businesses – all of whom are working towards a healthier, culturally richer and more sustainable future.

Launched in San Francisco in 2008, as a core program of global sustainability think-tank in action, Empowerment WORKS (, The Global Summit is autonomous, free from governmental, religious, political or any other singular agenda. It is grounded on the belief that: “Through global collaboration, powerful changes can happen.”