Want to know what the future brings? Ask the young leaders creating it.

Cape Town based Voices365 Co-Host, Juanique Randall dives deep with two extraordinary young leaders who took Climate solutions into their own hands in past summits from Rio de Janeiro in 2016, to Amman, Jordan 2018.

Bringing together diverse global perspectives, together they shed light on how we can support future generations in creating the world we know is possible.

Guest Zahra Abu Taha joined The Global Summit event green team which implemented the first ISO 20121 green event standards in the Arab world and launched Green Team Jo! An enthusiastic self-starter, youth and climate activist, Zahra is a member of several local and international youth & environmental organizations, passionate about architecture and design and climate action. She is a member of the core team of the Global Youth Climate Action Declaration and only representative in the Arab World

Guest Bruno Lomardo and his twin brother Caio coordinated the Climate Economics Impact Team (7 x 75 Minute Collaboration Sessions) in the 5th edition of The Global Summit immediately following the #Rio2016 Olympics. They were 16 at the time. Bruno is a Brazilian LGBTQIA+ person, currently studying psychology in Portugal. He has worked in different organizations throughout the years related to LGBTQIA+ rights and culture, youth and human rights. Bruno is passionate about how psychology can help create solutions for the issues we face today by raising awareness and motivating people into action.

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