Featured image: Saype – Beyond Walls, 2019 (VFLPIX.COM /Valentin Flauraud).

Guillaume Legros or Saype is a french artist, he created a large ephemeral painting on the park adjoining the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris to mark World Refugee Day on June 20th.

This represents the power of using environmental spaces to strengthen the norms of international principles of human rights, to generate more awareness of the migration statues and our humanitarian responsibility toward them. The creative part of this artwork is using clean substances to draw the painting to gather between exploiting the environment in a clean way and sending or building direct quick stable messages on the mind of the viewers.

Another creative part of this artwork is the idea that the painting vanishes with rain, this will give the chance to use the same space in sending other new messages, or even complete building on the previous messages from the previous painting. The link between migration and this work is the human unity, the right of life for everyone even if they are migrants, the right of gaining support as humans to reach their basic rights. Additionally, the artwork reflected the kind of mutual positive relation that should be between migrants and original citizens to allow coexistence, integral,  and mutual gains.

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