About Renad Issa

Since 2016, I finished the High school with 95% average, then I started majoring on Human Rights and International Law at Al-Quds university (AQU) - Al-Quds Bard college for arts and sciences (AQB); during the four years of my study, the college follow the pattern of writing researches, projects, and doing presentations about various issues on human, children, women, refuges, youth... And other various rights. The four years of my study were based on writing academic researches and projects; this helped me in gaining various new concepts, and improves my skills in writing. In 2018, during the first semester of my third year, AQU gave me the chance to spend that semester as an exchange student at Sciences Po university-Menton-France. This university includes various fields: such as humanities and social sciences. During that semester I took political and law courses, this helped me in going deeper in Human Rights and Political Interaction. Additionally, this semester allowed me to interact with people from various regions and cultures; this helped me in gaining skills of accepting and respecting the other opinion, and how to build knowledge and experience by interacting with peoples and institutions. Workshop (Projects) During my second year AQU and AQB gave me a chance to be one of the PAYCE fellows (Palestinian American Youth Civic Engagement program), it is a workshop that took place in Amman-Jordan. It was about increasing youth awareness of their civic rights in both Palestinian and American communities. This workshop included multiple conferences of youth who talked about their experiences and their practicing of their civic rights, this workshop help me to rethink in both American and Palestinian context of Human Rights enjoyment, exploring the possible gabs of Haman Rights enjoyment between America as a Developed country and Palestine as a Developing country. This workshop end with creating episodes hold stories of specific Palestinian youth by each member of the workshop, my story hold the title “Art became my voice”, it available on PAYCE website: https://www.buzzsprout.com/215436/885560-art-became-my-voice Work Experiences In 2019, I got the chance to train at the Independent Commission of Human Rights Office at Hebron- Palestine(ICHR). In this institution I gained various skills; first, I was able to full fill compliance forms from various individuals and groups, this help me to interact with various people, and realize how Human Rights could be violated. Second, I had participated as assistant in giving workshop about Human Right in various local municipalities and institutions; this helped me in building better management, organization, creativity, and communications abilities . Finally, I went to regular visits to various Palestinian’ detention centers in various Palestinian cities, these visits were to confirm that prisoners are enjoying fair Human Rights, and to monitor the general status of the detention centers. ICHR allowed me regular visits to women and care centers in Bethlehem city; these visits were to mehwar center and to Girl Care House, these visits involve individual and groups meeting and workshop to empower women and girls who were victims of gender based violence. ICHR as a governmental organization, which tries to empower Palestinian rights encouraged me to take more steps to improve the Palestinian awareness of their national and international rights, and to work more to engage the international Human Rights Law IHRL; to support ICHR, other Human Rights institutions, and the Palestinian citizens rights. Additionally, I went in regular censorship visits to various centers, which are responsible for women rights protection and children rights such as mehwer center in Bethlehem city. Skills: -Computer [Microsoft Office] (PowerPoint) -English conversation -Translation (from Arabic into English and vice versa). Languages: Arabic: Native. English: Fluent

Transitional Justice – toward more Humane World

2020-07-27T21:49:12+00:00July 27th, 2020|

Reflecting upon a recent course in Translation Justice at Al Quds University- Al Quds Bard College for Arts and science, Summit Blogger, Renad Issa reflects on the crucial role of Truth Commissions in promoting human dignity. On Transitional Justice Introduction of the course The first session summarized well know tribunals, [...]

European governments role to protect minority from offensive speech – Muslims as example of Minority in Europe

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How should the European government act to protect their minorities against what is seen as an offensive speech? Should offensive speech be banned? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the main definition of offending is:” to hurt or wound the feelings, to be displeasing or disagreeable, to excite a feeling [...]

International Collaboration in Agriculture

2020-07-22T12:34:26+00:00July 22nd, 2020|

International Collaboration is one of The Global Summit main Goals  According to Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary " Collaboration"  as a single word means: " The action of working with someone to produce something". so collaboration simply represent by corporation, but corporation extend from corporation between individuals to corporation between [...]

Art and Human Rights- Saype – Beyond Walls

2020-07-21T10:52:14+00:00July 20th, 2020|

Featured image: Saype – Beyond Walls, 2019 (VFLPIX.COM /Valentin Flauraud). Guillaume Legros or Saype is a french artist, he created a large ephemeral painting on the park adjoining the world-famous Eiffel Tower in Paris to mark World Refugee Day on June 20th. This represents the power of using environmental spaces [...]

Dispute on Kashmir: Kashmir and Palestine are having similar struggles seeking Human Dignity and Self Determination Rights

2020-07-20T13:39:13+00:00July 18th, 2020|

 Historical background The origin of the Kashmir dispute or conflict related to the independence of India and Pakistan from the British Colonization in 1947. This independence brought consequences that led to the creation and continuation of Indian and Pakistani dispute over Kashmir. According to Kelly Buchanan, "The process of partitioning [...]