International Collaboration is one of The Global Summit main Goals 

According to Oxford English and Spanish Dictionary ” Collaboration”  as a single word means: ” The action of working with someone to produce something”. so collaboration simply represent by corporation, but corporation extend from corporation between individuals to corporation between states and organizations.

International collaboration is what create the border-less cooperation; what does this mean? This mean that we are cooperate and support each other even with the existence of the official borders, we collaborate and cooperate without being restricted by the territorial borders.


  • Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Collaboration

CGIAR’s main emphasize points are rural poverty and food insecurity; according to Kim Wolf” CGIAR comes With a goal of obtaining a food-secure future, CGIAR is dedicated to improving human health and nutrition, and ensuring more sustainable management of natural resources by collaborating with civil society organizations, research institutes, the private sector and academia”.

what does CGIAR do and how to react in the light of  COVID-19 pandemic?

CGIAR is collaborating with International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas(ICARDA) to protect and reduces the agriculture losses in the MENA regions, with taking into consideration the preventive measures to protect worker from the pandemic.

ICARDA website clarified that their” their planning and response continue”: these are the main points of planing for ICARDA

  • Close collaboration with governments, NARS, and rural farming organizations on the ground, ensures actions that mean agricultural production is sustained with minimal disruption to food supply chains.

  • Our work on globally and regionally essential staple crops continued in countries that were under full lockdown such as India and Morocco where ICARDA gained exemptions for key, and courageous, staff.

  • In Lebanon where our International Nurseries nurture seed sets for global research, over 70% of orders have been shipped while continue finding means to navigate existing global transport issues.

  • Our work to collect, conserve and multiply crucial agricultural genetic material in our Genebanks continued throughout, preventing any loss whatsoever of vital biodiversity that enables global research to continue.

  • Staff working from home embraced all the latest video conferencing and online planning tools to ensure efficient management of programs and partnerships all over the drylands of Asia and Africa regions, now and in the future.

  • We have ramped up acceleration of country support in the form of the digitization of their extension services to support climate smart and diversified local production

  • Ongoing consultations with our partner countries that began during full lockdowns continue to ensure seed multiplication for cereals, pulses, and food legumes hit new targets.

  • Contingency and lesson-learning is being implemented with the very same countries in case of second waves and for overall streamlining and improvement of food systems.

ICARDA and CGIAR collaboration to protect agriculture field despite of COVID-19

ICARDA, CGIAR and COVID-19 – Building Back Better after the storm



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