Exploring Human Security with Stephanie Chenault

Guest writer Stephanie Chenault has been a frequent contributor to several Syrian Refugee Councils and routinely participates in DC-based political and religious think tank meetings and discussions on security, persecution, and global terrorism.   She joined Empowerment WORKS (EW) Board of Directors this fall.  One of her main areas of [...]

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Opportunity Nepal: Rebuilding from the ground up

Over the past year, Nepal national, and Empowerment WORKS' regional director, Bandita Thapa led disaster relief and locally-led resilience with communities devastated by Nepal's 2015 earthquake (original campaign here). Now, with a focus on resiliency, Bandita and team work to unite a diverse network of local partners to launch 'Catalyst Action Training (CAT)’, a [...]

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Tech Partner Rallyteam Helps Companies Foster And Retain Talent #TechcrunchDisrupt2014

What is RallyTeam and why does it matter to The Global Summit? Our supporting partners at RallyTeam have created a leading edge platform for enterprise that enables huge networks to collaborate and track impact.  Using each Summit to identify needs and inform universal impact standards, we are developing an online community support system called 1PIE.org in Beta 2014 as “1PIE.rallyteam.com”. Learn how it works in this TechCrunch review and [...]

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UK to reveal plans for global climate change talks

Last updated on 9 September 2014, 7:46 am Climate change secretary Ed Davey says governments facing ‘pivotal moment’ on dealing with issue By Fiona Harvey, the Guardian World governments are facing a “pivotal moment” on dealing with climate change, the UK’s energy secretary will say on Tuesday, before a meeting of heads of state [...]

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