London, United Kingdom – August 1, 2012



The Global Summit – International Forum Forges Global Collaboration, Amidst Olympics Spotlight.

Whilst last week’s Opening Ceremony celebrated hope and world peace, The Global Summit’s upcoming 2012 Biennial Meeting aims to co-create a sustainable future that will burn long after the torch goes out.

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London, United Kingdom–As London illuminates with the Olympics, the city is also about to welcome a global gathering with a unified goal – to achieve the UN’s 2015 challenge to resolve poverty, provide universal primary education and ensure environmental sustainability.

Organized as ‘The Global Summit’, the 2012 Biennial Meeting on August 16th and 17th will see delegates from around the world meet and engage in locally-led initiatives to meet their Millennium Development Goals.

Having begun its outreach in Africa with the first African Local Summit in April to source its speakers and real-world challenges, the Summit strategically links those at the front lines of poverty and climate change with professionals, students, delegates and Olympic travelers for in a hands-on, cross-cultural experience for all.

Linking social innovators with the teams and technologies they need to create rippling social and economic impact, THE GLOBAL SUMMIT™ delivers a universal framework for multi-sector collaboration.

“If you are actively involved in MDG 8 – Build a global partnership for development, you should be at The Global Summit. This is where the discussions are happening.  It is a world economic forum for everyone — in leveling the playing field it is the platform where the voices of every person can be heard,” says Oliver Withers, Director of the Africa Medicines Impact Investment Fund, and 2012 Impact Investment Speaker.

This year’s Summit will see an array of ‘Sustainability Pioneers’ meet to advise and inform delegates of initiatives they can take back to their local area, in order to achieve tangible results.

Key leaders in this year’s Summit include Traci Fenton – visionary CEO of WorldBlu, bringing democracy at work to the Whitehouse (with a mission to bring it to 1 Billion people worldwide), Lindy Wafula – changing politics as usual as Women’s Congress Leader at Labour Party of Kenya, Professor Jan Black, PhD (Amnesty International USA Board Member/ Prof. Monterey Institute of International Studies), Happiness is 9 to 5 Author & Chief Happiness Officer, Alexander Kjerulf; Collaboration & Innovation Maverick, Nick Jankel; UK Media Mogul, Mike Jarvis; and Star Trek Star, Dominic Keating.

This year’s event in London is touted to be vital to the future of the country. Having experienced many banking problems, record-breaking floods, fires and heat waves, many agree that a new approach to climate and institutional change are in high demand.

Each day begins with thought-leaders sharing their new world views. These are followed by interactive solution councils, transformative workshops and community dialogues. With the end of the Olympics barely preceding the event, it is poised that lessons from the sporting spectacle will form a strong link in the Summit’s global collaboration.

By August 17th, delegates will be equipped with the tools, partners and inspiration that both they and their communities need to thrive.

“London is home to many of the world’s top sustainability organizations, and is considered the capital of the global corporate social responsibility movement,” said Melanie St. James, co-founder of Empowerment WORKS, which is producing The Global Summit.

She continued, “People worldwide expect companies, governments, and nonprofits to be actively involved in sustainability efforts,” We are giving all the ‘players’ in the London Olympics the opportunity to contribute to sustainability as well, by participating in The Global Summit.”

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