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As the Olympics wrap-up this week, thought leaders are gathering at The Global Summit 2012 in London Aug 15-17th to discuss global issues and ways digital entertainment education can help solve problems. Live music, art installations, poetry, fashion and dance, short films, and theatrical performances will be woven throughout the summit to inspire global awareness, local action and community transformation. To bring you the inside scoop, we interviewed Amy Seidman, who is a presenter and Founder of Noble Profit and Incredible Places.Speakers from around the world will discuss ways we can collaborate to solve big problems and find solutions, including education through digital media. For example,Incredible Places will present music videos of nature, animals facing extinction and cultural impacts seen on The Harmony Channel on Comcast/VOD. Director and Photographer Amy Seidman’s “Men of Mamoni” is a powerful short film about the Mamoni Reserve in Panama and the importance of preserving rain forests. You can watch these videos on the Incredible Places YouTube Channel.

Amy Seidman, Global Summit 2012 Presenter and Founder of Noble Profit and Incredible Places
Photo credit: Image provided by Noble Profit

Environmental thought leaders will also present a Sustainable Tech Showcase via video. Topics will include how digital media and technology are impacting the landscape of finance, sustainability and clean tech featuring a video panel by Noble Profit. Based in San Francisco, CA, Noble Profit is an educational media series around innovation and investment in clean tech and sustainable business. The organization is presenting a panel of experts at the summit on these topics.

As part of this technology session, Amy Seidman will interview these five thought leaders from the clean tech and corporate sustainability industry. The intention is to use the power of media globally and present the Silicon Valley and Pacific Northwest perspective in Europe virtually with a social media voice.

1. Dr. Wal Van Lierop, Founder of the Vancouver investment firm Chrysalix and speaker on the Olympic Green, will share insights based on the wisdom of the three routes to serving humanity and accompanying prosperity.

2. John Viera of Ford Motor Company will talk about how big business saves money by reducing waste stream. For example, some use old blue jeans to reduce noise pollution, dispelling the myth that sustainability has to be expensive.

3. Jennifer Scholze, Senior Director, Sustainability Solutions Product Safety and Stewardship, will discuss how information technology can reduce risk, along with increasing productivity enabling efficiency and sustainability.

4. Dr. Ryan Wartena of Growing Energy Labs (Geli) will explain the rising renaissance in energy invention, along with the wonders of extracting hydrogen as a fuel from water.

5. Ephigenie Banaynal dela Cruz, Director of Sustainability at SAP and mother will also speak about the importance of educating our future generations as part of this interview series.

Moving forward, digital entertainment education will continue to play a vital role in the creation and adoption of new technologies and ideas. Noble Profit will also continue to explore the latest trends and values, along with featuring thought leaders, inventors, investors, sustainable business leaders and CEOs. To view these Noble Profit interview videos at The Global Summit 2012, visit http://nobleprofit.org.

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