Lightning in a Box! Partner Spotlight: “Red Lightning” brings Solar to Standing Rock

This past Thanksgiving, Empowerment WORKS' Founder joined the Red Lightning team in the ongoing protection of indigenous lands from the North Dakota Access Pipeline. While there she was blessed to capture a few extraordinary interviews for a special Pulse of the Movement webcast episode Voices from Standing Rock, recommended for a first hand feel of the [...]

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Opportunity Nepal: Rebuilding from the ground up

Over the past year, Nepal national, and Empowerment WORKS' regional director, Bandita Thapa led disaster relief and locally-led resilience with communities devastated by Nepal's 2015 earthquake (original campaign here). Now, with a focus on resiliency, Bandita and team work to unite a diverse network of local partners to launch 'Catalyst Action Training (CAT)’, a [...]

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Post Growth Futures Are Here – Donnie Maclurcan reports from Sydney

Reporting for Post Growth Institute Donnie Maclurcan runs Project Australia a not-for-profit incubator, whilst writing books about nanotechnology and global equity/sustainability (PhD focus). "A friend once visited a remote village in Africa. In this village people wore indistinguishable clothing and lived in similar looking homes. Two people, however, had distinct markings on their foreheads and huts. They [...]

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