Telltale from Zimbabwe

Reflections on the Road in Zimbabwe on the way to Nepal... By Melanie St.James, edited by Melody Joy The Looming Inequality Arrived in South Africa in time for a marvelous New Year's Eve dinner with mentor Scholastica Kimaryo (left) and Ms. Thoko Majokweni, new collaborator, friend, and Advocate. It’s my [...]

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Lessons from Rio & The Global Summit V Report

YES, we did it!  And it was amazing. Report links are below, but first, a few Lessons: Against conventional wisdom, 9 months before the Summit date - prime time to secure supporting partners, featured voices, and a venue - I went offline for two months in Peru, lived in a tent and [...]

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O 5º The Global Summit bienal se reúne logo em seguida aos jogos olímpicos do Rio

COMUNICADO À IMPRENSA - :: 13 AGO, 2016     Melanie St. James, Produtora Executiva, The Global Summit EMAIL: Telefone: + 55 (21) 9-6936-3915   MANCHETES: O 5º The Global Summit, evento bienal, se reúne logo após aos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio   Em agosto, ao apagar da pira olímpica [...]

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